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Everything Is Important?
May 2014 - Recently, I was out on a run and passed by one of the many construction sites that are popping up in the neighborhood. On the safety fence around the lot was a sign for one of the construction companies working on the project. The slogan / tagline was, "Where everything is important." Read Article...

Revisiting "10 Characteristics of High Retention Clubs" from IHRSA 2004
August 2013 - Time flies! Eleven years ago, I joined Retention Management. Looking back over this period, I am reminded of all the changes that have occurred both in the fitness industry and how we all do business today. Read Article...

Talking Retention
What Do You Measure?

November 2013 - Health clubs ask this every week. There are so many different Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) out there for measuring retention within our clubs. At Retention Management, we rely on our clients to measure the impact of our service as early experience showed us that, no matter what figures, we can show the most powerful ones were those provided by our customers, not us. Read Article...

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