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Charley Swayne is a former IHRSA Board Member and was a frequent speaker at IHRSA Conventions and the IHRSA Institute. He currently teaches marketing at Virginia Tech. The GOST matrix was first introduced in his latest book, How to Make Great Decisions.

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May 1994 - Read Article...

How Great Leaders Think
August 2019 - 18th hole at the Masters. Tied for the lead. You are the greatest golfer in the world. What goes through your mind as you step up to the tee? Relax? Visualize your swing? Focus on your drive? No. The greatest golfer sees the ball going across the green into the cup. Then, he sees the putt he must make to get the ball into the cup. Then, he sees his approach shot. Finally, he sees his drive off the tee. That's exactly how great leaders think. They use this "green to tee" thinking. First, they see what they want to accomplish, and then, they work backwards to figure out how to get it done. I'm going to describe a model which is the common thread I've found among great leaders. It is called the GOST matrix, and it uses terms we are all familiar with. Read Article...

The Future of Corporation Fitness
April 1994 - Read Article...

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