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Anthony joined Club Industry in September 2016 and covers fitness industry news, in addition to administering the brand's e-newsletters, social media and sponsored content. Anthony previously worked as an assistant editor at Dispatch Magazines in Columbus, Ohio, where he earned an Excellence in Journalism Award from The Press Club of Cleveland for feature writing. He also won numerous grants and accolades during his tenure as editor-in-chief of The Burr, Kent State University's student magazine, including a William Randolph Hearst Award. In 2015, Anthony was published in "Car Bombs to Cookie Tables," Belt Publishing's fifth narrative nonfiction anthology about the storied Rust Belt city of Youngstown, Ohio-located just north of where Anthony grew up. Anthony is an avid follower of boxing and basketball, and spends much of his time reading, writing, climbing and mountaineering.

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A Man of Many Hats
Through CourtSouth, IHRSA and Club Insider, Norm Cates Has Devoted a Lifetime to the Club Industry

November 2017 - Originally published by Club Industry on its website (, September 13, 2017. (Courtesy of Club Industry/Penton Media, Inc. and Penton Business Media, Inc. Not to be reproduced without written permission.)

If one is to tell the story of how Norm Cates helped revolutionize the health club industry, there is only one logical starting point: the 1973 oil embargo. It was a cooler-than-usual October in North Central Georgia, and Cates was beside himself. A world away, the Yom Kippur War was raging, and OPEC was playing gasoline hardball with the United States. Per-barrel oil prices doubled, tripled and eventually quadrupled. Shockwaves fired off in every direction, even rattling the U.S. airline industry. Read Article...

50 Years Ago, a Fork in the Road

November 2023 - Publisher's Note: Imagine for a moment... Your life is going full speed ahead. You are where you are supposed to be, doing what you were meant to do. Life is good. BAM!!! A brick wall stops you dead in your tracks. Your path is no longer clear. Everything is up in the air. In the 1970s, this was the experience of my Dad, Norm Cates. Having graduated from N.C. State University, then serving in the U.S. Air Force as a Jet Instructor Pilot, he moved on to become an Airline Pilot. He was where he was supposed to be, doing what he was meant to do. BAM!!! The Oil Embargo of 1973 stopped him and the world dead in its tracks. As a junior pilot, he was furloughed until further notice. His path was no longer clear, and in his case, he was no longer in the air. Read Article...

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