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Economics and Positioning Fitness Facilities
August 2008 - Have you ever had the kind of day where you wondered if you were "in the right business"? There is no doubt that the health and fitness industry as a whole is a demanding service-based business that must constantly strive to be "in" and "popular" and "up to the minute" to survive... or at least, that's what it feels like when you are trying to please everybody in today's economy. The truth of the matter is, you are well-positioned in today's economic market and the future economy. Read Article...

How Not to Be a Micro Manager
May 2009 - As a manager of any team or group of people, you got there by possessing certain qualities beyond just technical knowhow. And, as is often the case, some of those very "other" qualities can sabotage your successful management! If you are at the top, or working your way up to the top, it is not enough to be technically talented and personally ambitious; you must develop skills that seem "soft" on the surface, but in reality, can make or break your long-term success as a manager. Read Article...

Love Thy Business Partner
How to Operate a Business Together, Stay Sane, Stay Married and Be Successful!

November 2008 - Do you and your life partner own and operate a business together or are you considering doing so? If so, you are entering into a very unique business arrangement, where often times, many important business considerations are taken for granted, overlooked or completely omitted because the emphasis and trust is on the relationship first and the business last. Read Article...

Making the World a Better Place, One Community at a Time
February 2009 - We've always known that the fitness industry was worthy of holding a special place in the hearts of communities. If you have managed to accomplish this in your community, then kudos to you and your team! The reality, however, is that over the years, just like other industry sectors, health clubs and fitness businesses have become "silos" within their communities caught up in the day-to-day grind of running and managing what goes on inside the business. Read Article...

Seven Keys to Top of Mind Success
June 2009 - Be thought of FIRST! When it comes to Health, Fitness and Wellness, is your facility top of mind in your community? If you are not sure, you need to launch a mission to ensure that you are. Every marketing dollar and effort you spend is indeed done for the purpose of creating valuable traffic, but it can't stop there; every single action you take should be approached from the perspective of creating a priceless "Top of Mind" awareness of your business within your community that stands the test of time. Read Article...

Supersizing Your Membership Market Share
July 2008 - Between the current state of the nation's physical health, and today's questionable economy, it is now more important than ever to find ways to reach the portion of your marketplace that falls beyond the typical "fitness membership prospect pool", according to IHRSA statistics. The keys to success are creativity, a social consciousness, strong leadership and, of course, perseverance. Read Article...

The "Insider Speaks"
Taming The Beast Called... Change

December 2008 - First of all, let's set the record straight on current affairs; although we should NOT act like the ostrich and bury our heads in the sand, we SHOULD refuse to give in to the current bully called "the economy". We attract into our lives what our most dominant thoughts are, and I don't know about you, but I'll have none of that "doom and gloom" attitude in my life! Read Article...

The Color of Leadership
September 2008 - If you are a leader in your organization, then you already know that wearing many hats well comes with the territory, but one of your best fitting hats must be that of the Communicator. There are many facets of communication to consider, but at the human level, you are responsible for influencing a group of people into collective action that will produce excellent results. Read Article...

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