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Technogym Launches SKILLRUN

Posted: December 14, 2017 in Suppliers

Technogym: The Wellness CompanyTechnogym: The Wellness Company

CESENA, ITALY – Technogym, a world-leading producer of design and technology-driven fitness products and digital solutions, and official supplier to the last six Olympic games, announces the launch of SKILLRUN, the first piece of running equipment that combines cardio and power training in a single solution, designed to meet the training requirements of both elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

SKILLRUN is made to set the new benchmark in performance running and answer the needs of all runners, from sprinters to marathoners and triathletes. Thanks to its unique MULTIDRIVE TECHNOLOGY (patent pending), SKILLRUN offers the possibility to select both cardio training and resistance workouts to enhance power. The interactive UNITY console allows users to access a completely customized workout experience, which engages and motivates them through digital contents, personalized training programs and data tracking.

SKILLRUN also offers a wide range of innovative workouts including high intensity interval training, speed resistance and neuromuscular training, as well as immersive and entertaining options. SKILLRUN includes some exclusive features designed for athletic and performance training such as:

  • Fast Track Control: to adjust speed and incline on the fly while exercising;
  • Maximum Training Space: thanks to the 55 cm – 22″ wide belt;
  • Speed and Incline: up to 30 Km/h (18,6 mph) speed and incline ranging from -3% to +25%;
  • QUICKPAD: possibility to change speed and gradient in just one touch;
  • Speed-shift: to create on-the-fly interval training profiles and switch from one speed to another with a simple touch.

And allows the user to perform a variety of cardio and power workouts:

  • Running Session: the exclusive interactive technology Biofeedback (patent pending) tracks and monitors the main running parameters in real time, providing color-coded feedback.
  • Parachute training (patent pending): users can strengthen the resistive power and top-end speed with parachute training that reproduces the feeling of outdoor running with a parachute. Resistance is null at the start and increases to gain speed.
  • Sled training: it allows users to train their power. Can reproduce the feeling of pushing a sled on grass. Resistance is high at the start and decreases to a constant rate.

SKILLRUN is also ideal for group training sessions in a class or studio environment. The solution SKILLRUN CLASS (patent pending) is perfect for those in search of a more effective and motivating group running.

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