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Technogym Launches New Release of Biocircuit

Posted: September 23, 2020 in Suppliers

Technogym: The Wellness CompanyTechnogym: The Wellness Company

NEW YORK, N.Y. – Technogym, a world-leading brand in equipment and digital technologies for fitness, health and sport, introduces a new product release of Biocircuit, the circuit training solution and method offering a personalized workout to help users to achieve their goals in a short amount of time.

Users just need to login once, then work out by following the circuit with equipment that adapts to them. A completely guided experience, from station to station, where you never stop, never wait. This is Biocircuit. The guided program delivers an engaging experience that requires no adjustments or wait time, since exercises, workload, work/rest ratio and pace have been defined and integrated into personalized programs.

Biocircuit offers a quick and effective training always ready when the user is ready to go and includes everything end-users need for the best muscle activation. Moreover, thanks to the BIODRIVE patented technology, Biocircuit is the first training line offering a personalized workout in a safe, guided and effective way. Biodrive’s balances all phases of movement, both concentric and eccentric. This means that resistance and pace are optimized for maximum effectiveness and safety, based on individual needs and objectives.

New features of this innovative training system include a new strength console, the perfect mix between engagement and efficiency for the best training experience possible, thanks to a 10’’ size screen, new graphics and training modalities. In addition, a customizable Biocircuit program library can be created by professionals.

Alongside Biocircuit training experience, the new Biocircuit Free strength stations give more experience users the freedom to use every equipment as a single piece and fine-tune its parameters individually for a tailored workout. With no need for supervision, this strength training circuit offers personalized programs, that thanks to the embedded Artificial Intelligence, selects and progresses automatically the workload during the exercise.

Biocircuit Free has been conceived around 4 key pillars to offer users a meaningful, engaging and personal training experience and offer operators innovation for the future to enhance their business.

  • Personal Training Without A Trainer: Technogym Coach – the first artificial intelligence applied to fitness – guarantees a completely personalised experience and will always be present to support the user during his training experience.
  • Adaptive Posture: After the first experience, all the equipment will remember the user’s training information.
  • Precision Training: Each single user will have his personal and best training experience ever.
  • Automatic Progression: The more the user trains, the more he will automatically be faced to execute more reps, with more workload and with different kind of training exercise.

Different needs require different programs. Biocircuit Free offers 3 main end user experiences fitting for each users training levels and necessities. Trainers can also use their expertise to customize the program’s individual parameters both onboard and by remote.

  • Goal Mode: The goal mode is the training experience for beginners and unsupervised users that need more guidance and support for reaching their training objective. Selecting one of the five programs – Start Moving, Lose Weight, Tone Your Body, Boost Performance and Stay Young – Artificial Intelligence helps the user achieve their goal. Automatic progressions sets automatically workloads, repetitions and exercises and changes along time if any end user is regularly training with Biocircuit Free Programs.
  • Free Mode: The «free» environment is the training experience for expert or supervised users that want to enjoy a tailored and professional workout. Thanks to advanced exercises, users can built their muscles by pushing them to the limit, improve strength and muscle mass and enhance muscle tone and endurance. Users can even choose their own resistance (Isotonic, Elastic and Viscous) and load (no inertia, eccentric reduced load or eccentric overload) to train with.
  • Prescribe Mode: Physiotherapists and trainers that set up trainings can customize remotely end users training programs with Prescribe App, assigning a specific training and editing every single parameter (resistance, reps, sets, time, pace, workload and coefficients) for each end users. Operators can also set up a brand news circuit, giving an order to the different machines.

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