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Parisi Franchise Systems Adds A New Business Opportunity With The Launch of the Parisi Program License

Posted: January 15, 2016 in Suppliers

Parisi Speed SchoolParisi Speed School

WYCKOFF, N.J. – All businesses look to re-evaluate their offerings and services, with Parisi Franchise Systems (PFS) being no exception. After making changes to its franchise opportunity last year by basing the franchise fee on protected territory and a support system not usually seen in the fitness industry, PFS is introducing a new model for 2016, the Parisi Program License. This opportunity is exclusively for health clubs and other fitness facilities (outside of already committed territories) looking to diversify their own offerings and begin reaching the youth market.

“Our company began as a health club itself, so we know how important programming is to a facility,” said Bill Parisi, Founder of Parisi Franchise Systems, “More and more we have heard from club owners who want the Parisi Youth Training System (PYTS) but are not looking for the added benefits of owning a franchise, since they already have business systems in place. As a company, we have listened and if the club has the proper infrastructure, we are happy to make this option available to them.”

Part of that requirement is that a club has to be operating a facility successfully in the fitness industry for three-plus years and can utilize multi-purpose space with turf in order to run PYTS. Once qualified, a Parisi Program License consists of two phases: The first phase is to pay a $2,500 education fee and complete certification training with the Parisi Master Certification Team. The second is to decide to continue as a licensee with Parisi and complete the steps to becoming a Parisi license owner, such as committing to a two-year term and a $395 continuing service fee.

The Parisi Youth Training System has been the backbone of the Parisi Speed School for the last 23 years. It focuses on training a young athlete to be the best he or she can be in their chosen sport. The training includes putting in place the foundation needed to be a good athlete: speed, agility, strength and self-confidence. As an added benefit the training shows them the proper techniques, leading to a reduction of sports related injuries.

“As a company, we aren’t afraid to evolve and innovate,” said Parisi,” We want to be proactive, not reactive when it comes to keeping up with the marketplace and maintaining our position as the leader in youth sports performance training. By offering the Parisi Program License, we will just be able to reach more kids and build on our vision of empowering America’s youth through increased fitness, confidence, and performance.”

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