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Life Fitness Partners With Functional Solutions to Provide Digital Programming Solutions

Posted: March 20, 2019 in Suppliers

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NEWPORT NEWS, VA – As part of a strategy to offer digital fitness solutions for small group training experiences, Life Fitness, a global leader in commercial fitness equipment, has chosen Functional Solutions as its digital programming partner.

Life Fitness will use the Functional Solutions platform to offer exercise visualization on TV display for small group training, equipment education and to support individual member training when small group space is not being used.

Functional Solutions is a custom content management and distribution platform. They lead the industry in visual programming by using a very simple method of sequencing functional movements in the form of video snippets. Users are able to create workouts on the spot integrating their own programming style and brand. These workouts are easily distributed on TV display or a media of choice, connecting with customers anywhere, anytime.

“Digital engagement with clients has become a fitness industry necessity and, concurrently, a big opportunity. Many major fitness companies and manufacturers are understanding it is mandatory to include digital fitness solutions in their offerings,” said Dave Hannum, Functional Solutions CEO.

Functional Solutions differs from other digital programing solutions in the industry because their platform is fully customizable. Customers have the option to incorporate their own branding, content options and visual program requirements. In addition, the whole process of interacting with this technology is very simple “because our company was developed by operators for operators, we understand the importance of simplicity and it is intertwined in everything we do,” said Dave Hannum.

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