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Class Is Back In Session

Posted: August 8, 2018 in Suppliers

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ALPHARETTA, GA – School is about to start, and parents everywhere are rejoicing. You should be too! With kids going back to school, that means that stay-at-home parents everywhere are rearranging their schedules. If you use the right marketing techniques, your club will end up on their list of to-dos while their kids are in school!

There are many things to consider when marketing to stay-at-home parents, with cost and time efficiency topping the list. Follow these four steps, and back-to-school for kids, could turn into back-to-gym for their parents:

1. Give them an A+ deal they can’t refuse!

With back-to-school season, parents have to worry about a range of costs, spanning from tuition and clothes to school supplies. According to a Capital One survey, one in five parents planned to spend over $2,000 per child in back-to-school shopping. This means that they don’t have a lot of extra money to spend (right now)!

Offer these parents a deal that they can’t say no to. Waiving enrollment, giving a month free, or offering 7+ day trial has worked well this time of year for our clients. While price is important, that alone isn’t going to get all of the parents into your facility, which leads us to the next suggestion.

2. Advertise childcare services

Parents with babies and toddlers aren’t exactly off the hook between the hours of 8-3. If your club offers childcare services, it could be a great way to get the rest of those stay-at-home parents in your gym. Let them know that even though some or all of their kids aren’t old enough to go to school yet, they still deserve time to themselves to workout!

If your club doesn’t offer childcare services, a great way to get those parents in your gym is to offer group classes that young children and their parents can do together. This way stay-at-home parents still have the option to get their physical exercise in, without having to let their little ones out of their sight.

You might be asking yourself “well how do I get the word out about all of our great group classes?” Great question!

3. Offer a class pass for parents

According to the ACSM, group training ranks #2 for fitness trends of 2018. Group fitness classes are perfect for parents. One benefit of group fitness classes is that there isn’t a long time commitment since most group fitness classes are no longer than 60 minutes and can be as short as 30.

Offering free classes for a week will give parents the opportunity to discover how much fun the group fitness classes you have are, and let’s them experience a variety of classes. After a week of attending your amazing group classes, they won’t be able to stay away. People also love attending group classes with friends, which will help you gain even more members!

You might be wondering what classes you should be advertising to stay-at-home parents? Well that brings me to my next tip.

4. Advertise more relaxing classes, such as yoga and pilates

The 30-60 minutes that these parents have free in their schedule could be spent napping, catching up on their favorite TV show, or cuddling up with a good book, in other words – relaxing. It’s your job to let them know that those free 30-60 minutes could be spent relaxing at your gym. Most people love a good HIIT workout, but some people would rather spend the moments they have away from their children in peace and quiet.

Showcasing your yoga and pilates classes gives parents an excuse to get that daily physical exercise in, while also getting a chance to destress. I mean, who doesn’t love a 2-for-1!?!?

If you follow these tips, your club will be fuller than a school cafeteria on pizza day. Gaining new members is possible any time of the year if you have the right marketing strategy. Contact us today to start your back-to-school marketing campaign!

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