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Pennsylvania Fitness Alliance Issues Statement on Lifting of Prohibition on Indoor Fitness Facilities

Posted: January 5, 2021 in Other News

PA Fitness AlliancePA Fitness Alliance

NEWTOWN, PA – Governor Tom Wolf (D-PA) has lifted a set of COVID-19 regulations. These regulations included a ban on indoor operations at gyms and fitness facilities. In response, Jim Worthington, on behalf of the Pennsylvania Fitness Alliance, issued the following statement:

“While we are pleased that Governor Wolf is ending the prohibition on indoor operations at gyms and fitness facilities, we are disappointed that the Governor ignored the overwhelming weight of scientific evidence when he chose to shut down the fitness industry.

This most recent surge is likely not the last COVID-related surge we will experience before a vaccine is widely available. Going forward, the Governor should follow the science when it comes to whether or not to close gyms.

At the same time Governor Wolf was announcing a shutdown of the fitness industry, New York released data showing gyms and fitness facilities were among the lowest settings for COVID transmission. The NY data shows that just .06% of cases could be linked to gyms, while 74% of cases could be traced to private households. In fact, Governor Cuomo (D-NY) went as far as to say, ‘in gyms and salons, they are not the problem…’

The data from New York is consistent with data from other states. Contact tracing in several U.S. states, including Colorado, Louisiana, Massachusetts, and Washington shows that health clubs make up a small proportion of total outbreaks and cases. Additionally, a University of Oslo study showed zero cases of COVID-19 at gyms operating under appropriate guidelines, good hygiene, and social distancing measures.

Not only can gyms and fitness facilities be safely open, it is absolutely imperative that they are in order to give the people of Pennsylvania the tools to help stay healthy.

The top comorbidity factors for COVID-19 reads like a who’s who of obesity and inactivity.

We know that comorbidity makes COVID-19 more deadly, and we know that physical activity can combat many of the top comorbidity factors, which is why we can and must safely keep gyms and fitness facilities open.

The science shows that the fitness industry isn’t part of the problem, indeed, we are a part of the solution.“

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