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IHRSA Staff Congratulates Norm Cates on His Lifetime Achievement Award

Posted: April 26, 2017 in IHRSA

IHRSA: Success By AssociationIHRSA: Success By Association

From the IHRSA Blog – Club Industry announced this week that IHRSA’s founder and first president Norm Cates is this year’s recipient of their Lifetime Achievement Award. Here are a few words of congratulations from the IHRSA staff:

“Norm, this is a fitting tribute. You care so very much about the Industry and the wonderful people who comprise it. I am very proud of you. Keep up the great work.”

Joe Moore, President and CEO

“Congratulations Norm, well deserved. Thank you for all you do for IHRSA and the Industry. Specifically, I appreciate all you do to highlight so many of the great clubs and their teams in the pages of the Club Insider and to raise awareness of industry issues (most recently for #PassPHIT).”

(Norm launched the Club Insider News when I was still very new to IHRSA and the industry, so Norm’s newspaper has been required reading for me every month since issue #1.)

Meredith Poppler, Communications and Leadership Engagement

“Congratulations Norm! You have always been such a great advocate for IHRSA and the industry! We appreciate all you do to promote IHRSA’s efforts and all the great things that IHRSA members are doing in their communities!”

Pam O’Donnell, Vice President, Member Experience

“Very happy for you Norm! Congratulations on this well deserved honor and recognition! Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication over the years to keep the fitness industry informed. Much appreciated!”

Lynne Devaney, Vice President of Sponsorship and Business Development

“Norm, I was so pleased to learn that you are this year’s recipient of Club Industry’s Lifetime Achievement Award. You deserve the recognition for the lifetime of work you have done for the industry and IHRSA. I am also very appreciative of all articles you have written over the years educating the industry on the importance of paying attention and acting to protect the industry against harmful legislation and promote legislation to help it grow and then encouraging your readers to get involved with IHRSA and the Industry Leadership Council.”

Helen Durkin, Executive Vice President of Public Policy

“Congratulations to IHRSA’s first chair (president at the time). Richly deserved, Norm!”

Cathy McNeil, Vice President, Marketing & International Operations

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