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YogaSix Achieves New Milestone with Opening of 200th Studio in Sunnyvale, California

Posted: February 7, 2024 in Chains


IRVINE, CA – YogaSix, the largest franchised yoga brand, announces the opening of its 200th location, YogaSix Sunnyvale in San Jose, California. YogaSix Sunnyvale joins an expansive network of studios across the United States, each offering a diverse range of classes designed to cater to yoga practitioners of all levels, and marks a significant achievement in the brand’s commitment to fostering well-being and mindfulness for everyone.

“Reaching our 200th studio is a testament to the incredible growth and impact YogaSix has had on people seeking mind-body wellness, and we are thrilled to celebrate this milestone in Sunnyvale, a community that shares our passion for well-being,” said Lindsay Junk, President of YogaSix. “We remain dedicated to creating spaces where everyone can discover the numerous benefits of yoga and embrace a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.”

Along with the Sunnyvale studio in San Jose, YogaSix recently debuted studios in Waterford Lakes, Florida, and Minnetonka, Minnesota among other cities. The brand continues expanding, driven by robust consumer demand for health and fitness solutions that emphasize the vital mind-body connection, with recent additional classes focused on strength and mobility.

“We are thrilled to be the proud owners of YogaSix’s 200th studio, particularly as witnesses and participants to the extraordinary growth of this transformative brand,” said Asia and Hector Plahar, co-owners of YogaSix Sunnyvale. “We have been part of YogaSix for a few years now and are elated at the opportunity to act on YogaSix’s mission to provide the mind-body experience of yoga to our community in and around Sunnyvale. With a few more studios in the works, we look forward to leveraging the extensive support we receive from the YogaSix and Xponential Corporate Team as we begin offering a space where individuals can embark on their wellness journeys, fostering a sense of balance, joy, and fulfillment through the practice of yoga.”

Backed by Xponential Fitness, the largest global franchisor of health and wellness brands, YogaSix stands out from other yoga concepts by eliminating the exclusive and intimidating nature that often surrounds yoga, reviving the practice in a modern way that is inclusive, accessible, and empowering. With industry-leading instructors and utilizing modern language, YogaSix offers diverse yoga and fitness programming that includes movement and intensity to help customers achieve their fitness goals.

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