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Xponential Fitness Brands Row House and Rumble Boxing Partner with C4 Energy to Fuel Fitness Enthusiasts Across the Country

Posted: July 25, 2022 in Chains

Xponential FitnessXponential Fitness

IRVINE, CA – Row House and Rumble, two of Xponential Fitness’ (NYSE: XPOF) powerhouse brands, announces that C4 Energy, one of the fastest-growing energy drink brands in the United States, is their new energy drink partner. Created by Nutrabolt, the Human Performance Company, C4 Energy, and C4 Smart Energy will now be available at participating studios nationwide.

Row House is the nation’s largest network of rowing workout studios, and their group classes offer high-energy, music-driven rowing intervals combined with floor-based strength exercises. The workout is low-impact and suitable for people of all fitness levels. Row House deeply values community with its classes taught and executed in synchrony.

“Row House is a tight-knit community of engaged members committed to their health and fitness, and our partnership with C4 Energy will help take their workouts to the next level,” said Nik Kish, President of Row House. “We’re very selective about the products we make available in-studio to our loyal members, so this partnership is an indication of our strong support of the C4 Energy brand and what they stand for: fueling mental and performance energy for the outperformers and overachievers who are working tirelessly to unleash their potential. The brand synergy between C4 Energy and Row House is best-in-class, and we are proud to bring this product to our members.”

Rumble Boxing pairs boxing, HIIT, metabolic conditioning, and strength training group fitness for an all-encompassing workout that truly anyone can do. The boxing concept aims to develop courage, determination, focus and stamina. Classes are evenly divided between boxing and resistance training, allowing for a well-rounded, full-body workout.

“C4 Energy is an ideal energy drink partner for our brand as our goal is to inspire our members to keep hustling, celebrate their courage and diversity, and remind them that working out should be enjoyable. C4 products only fuel that fire,” said Shaun Grove, President of Rumble. “Rumble was created to shake up the norms of the group fitness world, just like C4 Energy is doing for the energy drink space.”

The partnership with C4 marks another strategic step forward for Xponential Fitness as it expands its B2B efforts across its portfolio of 10 fitness brands, having recently partnered with Lululemon, among other companies. Row House and Rumble are excited to partner with C4 Energy as they are all committed to improving, strengthening, and energizing their consumers. Motivation and support are core values of these three brands, and C4 Energy is determined to help members exceed their expectations and unlock their potential.

“We are so proud to partner with fitness studios that truly support their members in unlocking their limitless potential,” said Senior Vice President of Sales at Nutrabolt, Aaron Heidebreicht. “C4 Energy is made for the active lifestyles of Row House and Rumble members, and we are thrilled to offer our better-for-you energy drinks with clinically studied ingredients, refreshing flavors, and zero sugars and carbs to communities that are looking to reach peak performance.”

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