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Town Sports International Locations in Philadelphia Join the Silver&Fit Network

Posted: November 19, 2018 in Chains

Town Sports InternationalTown Sports International

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Town Sports International Holdings, Inc. (TSI), one of the largest gym networks in the Northeast, is pleased to announce that its five Philadelphia locations are now participating in the Silver&Fit program’s network of fitness facilities. This allows them to provide no-cost or low-cost club access to Silver&Fit members who work out at these fitness centers.

The Silver&Fit program is one of the nation’s leading exercise and healthy aging programs for Medicare members. The program contracts with top-name national fitness chains, as well as smaller, local exercise centers, offering members a broad choice of affordable fitness options. Silver&Fit’s national network includes more than 10,000 fitness centers nationwide.

“It’s very important for older adults to establish and maintain a regular schedule of exercise to have the best quality of life,” said Leah Molino, operations director with TSI. “By offering a truly affordable fitness membership through the Silver&Fit program, more Philly seniors can join our clubs and get active. We invite our senior community to come explore and experience our fitness programs, social opportunities and fun at any of our five Philadelphia locations.”

“Silver&Fit is one of the fastest-growing fitness programs serving the Medicare market,” said ASH Fitness Vice President Brett Hanson, MBA, MBF, DFSS, NASM-SFS. “We’re pleased to add Town Sports International to our network and give local Medicare eligibles more options in their fitness center choices.”

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