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Therabody Named Barry’s Official Recovery Partner

Posted: May 23, 2023 in Chains, Suppliers


LOS ANGELES, CA – Wellness technology innovator Therabody announces it is the official recovery partner of fitness pioneer Barry’s. The announcement marks a milestone for both companies as Barry’s aims to provide best-in-class recovery solutions that enhance customer experience and Therabody further solidifies its leadership in the fitness industry. The partnership is designed to pair Barry’s signature workout with Therabody’s wellness technology, providing the Barry’s community with an end-to-end wellness experience before and after they work out.

As part of the partnership, Therabody will be providing recovery stations that include Theragun PRO and WaveRoller devices in every single one of Barry’s 49 US fitness facilities. Therabody will not only provide training to Barry’s instructors and staff, but will also develop custom routines that ensure Barry’s customers can enjoy routines in-studio and wherever they take their recovery. Members are free to use Therabody products to warm up before a workout and to help ease muscle soreness after training in the Red Room.

“We are proud to be Barry’s official recovery partner as it is the leader in the fitness industry,” said Monty Sharma, CEO and President of Therabody. “At Therabody, we provide innovations that help improve wellness for everybody and this partnership will allow us not only to broaden our audience but also to make an even greater impact on the fitness community.”

Known as the original HIIT workout, Barry’s helps optimize physical performance to support customers in reaching fitness and health goals. Therabody is committed to providing natural, easy-to-use solutions that help people reduce pain, improve recovery and achieve wellness goals. By integrating percussive therapy and recovery technologies into Barry’s fitness studios, Barry’s and Therabody are able to provide easy access to innovative wellness devices, helping to enhance the overall customer experience, while supporting recovery and performance.

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