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Pure Barre Welcomes 2023 with New Class Format, Pure Barre Align

Posted: January 5, 2023 in Chains

Pure BarrePure Barre

IRVINE, CA – Pure Barre, an Xponential Fitness brand offering the most effective full-body barre workout, announces the launch of its newest class format focused on balance, flexibility and strength, called Pure Barre Align. The new class format, which expands on the company’s current offerings –Pure Barre: Foundations, Classic, Reform, and Empower– rolls out on January 3.

Pure Barre Align™ combines the classic strength-building barre technique with an emphasis on flexibility and balance training to deliver a low-impact, full-body workout and restorative experience for members at every fitness level. In 50 minutes, members will enjoy elements of the signature Pure Barre class experience with the addition of complementary stretching that increases joint mobility and improves alignment, all while delivering mind-body connection.

“We are thrilled to offer this one-of-a-kind workout experience that focuses on the restorative needs of our clients. This balances out our programming perfectly, providing a class format for everyone,” said Regan Stokes, President of Pure Barre.

In celebration of the New Year, Pure Barre is also introducing the “First Ten Challenge,” which encourages new members to create healthy habits by taking 10 classes in 30 days at their home studio. This new challenge will be offered to all new members throughout the year and tracked within the Pure Barre app.

Offering an effective full-body workout focused on low-impact, moderate to high-intensity movements that improve strength and flexibility for everybody, Pure Barre has quickly become one of the largest franchised fitness brands in the world with over 600 studios.

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