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Only 18% Regularly Achieve 8+ Hours of Sleep According to Survey by Life Time and Beautyrest

Posted: March 25, 2021 in Chains

Life Time  - The Healthy Way Of Life CompanyLife Time – The Healthy Way Of Life Company

CHANHASSEN, MN and ATLANTA, GA – To bring more attention to the importance of sleep during National Sleep Awareness Month, a new survey finds 92% of respondents deem sleep quality to be extremely/very important to their overall holistic wellness, yet only 18% achieve 8+ hours, which is often noted as the magic number by experts. The survey, conducted by Life Time, the premier omnichannel healthy lifestyle brand which operates more than 150 athletic resorts nationwide, and Beautyrest, the luxury mattress brand and sleep innovation source, finds that while respondents know the benefits of quality sleep, only 37% regularly reported getting enough sleep to perform their best.

“Americans seem to take pride in cramming their days, but skimping on sleep can actually have profound health impacts, including increased stress, lowered metabolism and suppressed immunity, not to mention the mental health impacts of sleep deficits,” says Anika Christ, RD, CPT and Director of Client Optimization, Life Time.

“When committing to live a healthier lifestyle, many focus on fitness, but forget to incorporate a good night’s sleep into their routines,” said Maria Burgess, Senior Brand Manager at Beautyrest. “We’re thrilled to partner with Life Time, known for helping consumers improve their wellness in all aspects of life. Together, we can help educate Americans on how quality sleep helps us recover and show up every day at our very best, and that a comfortable mattress can make all the difference.”

Additional survey findings include:

  • 92% indicate quality sleep is extremely/very important to overall holistic wellness.
  • 9 in 10 believe that the quality and quantity of sleep affects their overall mental and physical ability. “Forgetfulness, brain fog, inability to concentrate” are some of the attributes assigned to not having quality sleep.
  • Only one-third (37%) regularly report getting enough sleep to perform their best each day. When they don’t feel they get enough sleep, 69% indicate that they have worse physical function. Coincidentally, when they do feel they have gotten enough sleep, 71% feel their sharpest physically and 75% feel more motivated and less apt to procrastinate.
  • To promote better quality sleep, 41% upgraded their bedding and/or mattress for comfort. 18% removed electronics from bedroom and 15% used a weighted blanket.

Life Time and Beautyrest are committed to helping Americans improve sleep, an integral part of overall wellness. As such, Beautyrest is officially partnering with Life Time to educate and empower people to achieve healthy well-rested nights. This will include collaboration on sleep content for Life Time members, engagement and promotional offers. The partnership also names Beautyrest as an Official Sponsor of Life Time Yoga and 60day, as well as key 2021 athletic events owned and produced by Life Time: Chicago Half Marathon, New York City Triathlon, Chicago Triathlon, Unbound Gravel and the Miami Marathon.

Life Time and Beautyrest partnered with Research One to conduct the survey, which polled more than 650 Life Time members about their overall sleep habits and how sleep impacts daily life and performance.

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