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Life Time Pledges to Further Cut Energy Consumption and Single-Use Plastic Products in New 5-Year Sustainability Goals

Posted: April 22, 2021 in Chains

Life Time  - The Healthy Way Of Life CompanyLife Time – The Healthy Way Of Life Company

CHANHASSEN, MN – In keeping with its healthy way of life commitment for the communities in which it operates, Life Time, one of the nation’s premier omnichannel healthy lifestyle brands, has announced a set of ambitious sustainability goals to further cut energy use and plastic products in its destinations across North America.

Life Time, which has consistently upheld a long-standing devotion to make a positive impact on the planet and environment in which it operates, has pledged to meet the following 5-year goals, by April 2026:

  • Reduce gas and electric consumption by another 20% and water consumption by another 40% with further investments into equipment efficiencies;
  • Reduce the company’s plastics footprint across all locations and Life Time athletic events;
  • Source locally grown produce in every one of its LifeCafe restaurants.

These goals further grow upon Life Time’s previously achieved goals, including:

  • Reduced electricity use by 35%, partly through the custom engineering of LED lamps that last longer and emit more light, which resulted in enough energy saved to power 15,100+ homes for a year;
  • Reduced natural gas use by 15%, enough energy savings to charge 1.8 billion smartphones;
  • Reduced water consumption by 10%, or 157 million gallons, by switching to low-flow showerheads.

“Life Time members and team members care about what we’re doing to protect the environment and help our communities, and it’s something I’m deeply passionate about as well,” Life Time Chairman, CEO and Founder Bahram Akradi says. “That’s why we’ve made deliberate and sustainable choices to reduce our electricity, natural gas, water use — and now, plastics in our clubs and at our events.”

For more information on Life Time’s sustainability initiatives and for ways you can make a difference, visit

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