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Life Time Launches Three Exclusive New Classes Expanding High-Powered Programming into 2020

Posted: December 9, 2019 in Chains

Life Time  - The Healthy Way Of Life CompanyLife Time – The Healthy Way Of Life Company

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Life Time, the nation’s premier healthy lifestyle brand, continues to evolve its best-in-class programming with three new formats, including its latest launch, Ringside, a boxing-inspired workout that is now rolled out nationwide. The launches of UPPER Rx and EnBarre earlier this year, in addition to Ringside, bring distinctive new class styles to Life Time’s already robust portfolio, which offers 18 signature formats.

On average, each of Life Time’s nearly 150 athletic resorts offers more than 100 studio, cycle and yoga classes every week, generating more than 1 million group workouts via its class offerings monthly, making it a top destination for men and women alike.

Ringside, created by Aimee Nicotera, National Program Developer for Life Time, is a high-intensity, boxing-inspired workout that doesn’t require boxing bags or gloves and was designed to bring a gritty and athletic, non-traditional feel to the studio. The class begins with a thorough round of movement preparation to warm up, before combining three, three minute rounds of shadow boxing and AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) sets each made up of four different exercises and/or movement patterns. It all culminates in one last three minute reaction round of shadow boxing that focuses on reaction time and cognitive training, followed by a three minute knockout round challenging the entire body.

Nicotera notes, “We wanted to design Ringside to focus on what boxers do outside of the ring to get prepared for what happens inside the ring. It’s a great metaphor for life, really…Train our body and brain the best way we possibly can, in order to perform and move better in our everyday life. Ringside will help prepare us mentally and physically for the battles we face each day, while at the same time helping us all become better athletes – whether we are a fitness instructor, a stay at home mom, an executive or a retired professional looking to stay healthy and strong.”

UPPER Rx, created by Life Time Master Instructor Ashlie Sustaita who also developed Gluteus Maxout, provides a pulse-pounding arms, chest, back, and core workout—all in one hour. This class works all muscle groups from the hips up and combines basic strength training, functional movement patterns, power, core work and metabolic conditioning to develop muscular strength, tone and endurance, enhance range of motion and fat burning, and increase lean muscle mass and confidence in weight lifting. The experience will not only leave members feeling stronger, but more accomplished and eager to take on the challenge week after week.

UPPER Rx creator Ashlie Sustaita says of the class, “So many of the members coming to our classes are looking for more weight lifting. They want to get sculpted, but don’t necessarily want to, nor know how to, do it on their own on the fitness floor. That’s what makes UPPER Rx—and Gluteus Maxout, its companion class—so great. They can get in their full lower body workout one day with Gluteus MAXout, and then target train their upper body and core with UPPER Rx on another day. This is the best way to get a split style training routine right in our group fitness studios. Even more exciting is you don’t have to plan your own workout and you aren’t in it alone. In the studio energy is plentiful and contagious, we all support each other and build each other up!”

EnBarre, co-created by Life Time Master Instructors Katie Haggerty and Geoffrey Tough , combines fluidity and function on the barre for a total body blend of ballet, cardio and strength training. This one-hour class offers a dynamic and full-body workout that helps all muscle groups lean, lengthen and limber up. It will improve cardiorespiratory endurance and strength, enhance muscular endurance, enhance flexibility, and improve posture, body awareness and overall body composition.

“The barre, as it relates to fitness, teaches us two of life’s most important lessons: how it feels to be supported and how to find and harness support on our own,” says EnBarre Co-Creator Geoffrey Tough. “With EnBarre, we’ve tried to strike a balance and fuse support while also shining a spotlight on the best side of dance to make sure our members leave feeling better than when they came.”

Life Time classes are complimentary with membership and each club hosts its weekly schedule online. For more information about Life Time’s robust class portfolio visit

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