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Exos Announces Partnership With Shields & Stripes For Military Appreciation Month

Posted: May 11, 2023 in Chains


PHOENIX, AZ – Industry-leading coaching company Exos announces the expansion of its social impact program, Coach for Good, with a new initiative supporting military members transitioning from active duty. Exos will partner with Shields & Stripes to grant first-line defenders free access to The Game Changer, Exos’ elite virtual coaching program, and will sponsor a Charity Miles campaign committing $10,000 to help veterans heal visible and non-visible wounds.

Coach for Good is Exos’ first social impact program and tasked to serve core beneficiary communities of youth, women athletes, and the military through funding and support to help them get ready for the moments that matter most in their lives. Following its first partnership with Wellness in the Schools benefiting New York City youth, the second Coach for Good initiative will support Shields & Stripes’ mission to provide first-line defenders the opportunity to heal visible and non-visible wounds, and help those we need the most to live meaningful lives in service to our communities.

“Over the last decade, our team has been privileged to work with thousands of military athletes through individualized, science-backed training to support peak performance and recovery. However, we know access and travel for self-care becomes more challenging once members leave the military,” said Mark Verstegen, President & Founder, Exos. “We are honored to partner with Shields & Stripes to grant veterans virtual access to our elite coaching methods through The Game Changer, giving them the mental and physical tools to not just transition to, but thrive in civilian life.”

This May, Exos will partner with Shields & Stripes to grant military members free access to The Game Changer, a six week virtual cohort-based program designed by Exos scientists and experts which fosters self-awareness and personal responsibility, empowering people to make a meaningful impact, while building resilience and adaptability to show up when it counts. The program bridges the gap for military members who do not have the luxury to leave home for extended periods of time, but are looking for the expertise that Exos and Shields and Stripes provide to identify and transform weaknesses in a veteran’s armor into strengths.

Additionally, Exos will sponsor $10,000 toward a Charity Miles campaign in honor of Shields & Stripes to support their shared mission of providing military athletes and veterans the opportunity to heal visible and non-visible wounds through performance and wellness programming.

“As a special operations veteran, I know firsthand the challenges our service members face when transitioning out of the military. We created Shields and Stripes to bring the model of care used in the active Special Operations Forces community to our veterans, but many do not have the ability to take time off work or travel for self care,” said Steven Nisbet, Co-Founder and President of Shields and Stripes. “We partnered with Exos to bridge this gap through The Game Changer, which is the perfect answer to reach veterans in need who have limitations regarding travel. The world-class physical and mental tools provided in this program will undoubtedly change the lives of each veteran in a positive way, and we’re proud to work together to support them.”

On May 12 in honor of Military Spouse Appreciation Day, Exos will host a movement session for Shield & Stripes military athletes/vets and their spouses at their Phoenix facility, led by Exos’ expert coaches. Later this fall, Exos will also host a Veteran’s Day event which will take Shield & Stripes military athletes through Exos’ Team Builder program and a movement session with elite coaches at the brand’s Phoenix headquarters.

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