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Dr. David Katz Joins Forces with Anytime Fitness, Self Esteem Brands to Amplify How Fitness, as Lifestyle Medicine, Matters More Than Ever

Posted: September 23, 2020 in Chains

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MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Self Esteem Brands (SEB), the parent company of Anytime Fitness, Basecamp Fitness, The Bar Method and Waxing the City, has announced a partnership with Dr. David Katz, a globally-recognized authority on lifestyle medicine, to amplify the critical role fitness plays in the personal health and wellness of humans around the world.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues in the U.S. and around the world, Dr. Katz will join the voices of SEB and Anytime Fitness to articulate the role of fitness as essential to personal health and wellness and how it comes to life through the Anytime Fitness brand experience.

“We are grateful to have so many people around the world who trust Anytime Fitness to help them achieve their fitness and wellness goals,” said Stacy Anderson, president, Anytime Fitness. “As we expand our services to include personal health coaching and wellness programs, we are delighted to work with Dr. Katz to engage our current and future members to discover more about the ways fitness and exercise are in fact lifestyle medicine – ways to fight disease and risk factors, and ensure they enjoy healthier, more active lives.”

Specifically, Dr. Katz will provide expert advice, education and support to Anytime Fitness on a variety of ways to engage its 4 million members across 5,000 locations in nearly 40 countries – through programs, content, coaching and more – in ways that create meaningful changes to their health and wellness lifestyle behaviors. He will also join SEB co-founders Chuck Runyon and David Mortensen as their advocacy work continues to ensure fitness is recognized as an essential, health-related service that helps people lower their risks of obesity, disease, depression and other factors that marginalize their quality of life.

“I am proud and delighted to join forces with Anytime Fitness and Self Esteem Brands to advance the proposition that lifestyle is the best medicine for adding years to lives, and life to years,” Katz said. “The Anytime vision of fitness is about athletic performance, of course, but extends to so much more. Their commitment to that broader vision, and their wide reach, represents great promise to the entire field of health promotion.”

“There is a new normal for the fitness industry – the long game is a bet on health and wellness, and COVID-19 has shown that we need to place a stronger emphasis on that bet,” Runyon said. “We can and should fight disease and pandemics with healthy lifestyles, and fitness is at the center of that fight. Our mission is to improve the self-esteem of the world, and we look forward to working with Dr. Katz to help more people than ever embrace fitness as lifestyle medicine.”

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