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Why Health Club Salespeople Fail

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Jim ThomasJim Thomas

I see it and hear it frequently. Why do health club salespeople fail? It's a question that health club owners and managers seem to always be asking, and the primary reason that keeps health clubs asking this question is that there is not just one answer. Whether the health club salesperson's failure is blamed on the club salesperson, on the club manager or the club owner... or maybe, it's everyone.

No matter if your health club sales team is just one rep or a force of ten, the simple fact remains... It all starts with YOU. It starts at the top. Here are some thoughts to help you build a top-flight sales team in your health club.

YOU need to take the responsibility for the sales reps in your health club. Make the decision to be accountable for the success or failures of your health club sales team. You can justify anything. Choose to be accountable for everything that happens. Failure to do so is the number one reason for the failure of a health club sales person. You're accountable for all of the excuses used as to why your health club salespeople fail, just like you are accountable for the sales team in your health club. How many of these excuses have you used lately?

  1. 1. I inherited this sales team at this club. I didn't hire these reps.
  2. 2. We just don't have time for sales training.

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