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The Club Insider Archives: November 2010

Curt Beusman
One of a Kind!

By: Justin Cates

Justin CatesJustin CatesThink of the phrase, one-of-a-kind. Think of the words, genius and fortunate. Sprinkle in a great sense of humor and a sterling personality, and you'll have the ingredients to describe the people person that is Dr. Curtis Beusman. Read More

Commentary: Time for Doctors to Prescribe Exercise
By: Joe Moore

Joe MooreJoe MooreThe prescription pad is a powerful tool, and doctors need to start using it for more than just ordering medications. They need to prescribe exercise. America is facing unprecedented epidemics of obesity and widespread physical inactivity. Read More

Fifteen Steps to Paradise
Step 14 - Debriefing: Can You Learn?

By: Will Phillips

Will PhillipsWill PhillipsToo often, club owners and managers make good first decisions on such areas as pricing, programs, personnel and then avoid making the secondary decisions that produce winning results. Conducting good debriefings about what worked and what did not, then applying the insights quickly is one of the sure signs of a learning organization. A club which learns quickly and applies those teachings has one of the strongest qualities for success. Read More

Club Members Standing Out From The Rest
By: Donna Krech

Donna KrechDonna KrechThe continuation of the video history of Thin & Healthy Total Solutions Members of the Month shows that our members involve themselves with the club significantly beyond the average member's involvement. This month, you will again see how our members changed their lives using the secrets Thin & Healthy lives and preaches every day, and you will see how they have participated in a life changing opportunity, such as "Taking A Walk In Her Shoes," a fundraiser we held to support breast cancer research. Read More

Why Health Club Salespeople Fail
By: Jim Thomas

Jim ThomasJim ThomasI see it and hear it frequently. Why do health club salespeople fail? It's a question that health club owners and managers seem to always be asking, and the primary reason that keeps health clubs asking this question is that there is not just one answer. Read More

The Medical Fitness Model
Defining the Difference

By: Dr. Cary Wing

Dr. Cary WingDr. Cary WingThe country is witnessing a significant transformation in how physicians, healthcare providers and the public view strategies to reduce the risk of disease and to maintain a lifetime of healthy living. Initiatives such as Exercise is Medicine are evidence that the entire healthcare industry is embracing the concept of prevention and disease management through health education and regular participation in physical activity. Read More

Critical Website Strategies Every Club Needs
Part II

By: Casey Conrad

Casey ConradCasey ConradIn the first article of this series, we discussed that the increasing use of the Internet by consumers to locate and research products and the decreased effectiveness of traditional marketing means club operators must utilize the Internet as a significant marketing component. We established that the primary goal of all Internet marketing is to build a massive list of prospects who have opted in to your database. It sounds simple enough, but it is considerably different than traditional "list building." Read More

3 Guaranteed Ways To Make Sure Your PT Department Makes Money!
Part II

By: Michael Sena

Welcome to Part II of this 3-part series. I hope you enjoyed my first article in October about recruiting and hiring and recognized how vital it is to building a strong and productive Personal Training department. Regardless of the business that you are in, recruiting and hiring correctly is a must. Read More

Programming Tip of the Month
Specialty Programs... A Must for December and January

By: Sandy Coffman

Sandy CoffmanSandy CoffmanSpecialty programs are programs that are run annually, seasonally or as one-time special events. Specialty programs can be run with many different formats and focus on many different niches. They usually will involve several activity areas and departments in the club and almost always will require support and participation by the entire staff. Read More

Harvard Study Claims Obesity Is Contagious
A Harvard study has shown that people who are not obese are likely to become obese after they come in contact with people who are obese. Obesity seems to have a cascading effect on non-obese people, and the chances of them becoming obese increases as they stay in contact with obese people. Read More

Introducing the NEW bodybuggSP
Now Smartphone Compatible with Android and iPhone

The innovative, smart-phone compatible bodybuggSP allows your members to view real-time results on their Android or iPhone, making it even easier to get results, make decisions and effectively manage their weight. Read More

ABC Financial On The Move!
SHERWOOD, AR - Paul Schaller, President of ABC Financial, announced several key personnel additions in October, including the promotion of Anna Welsh to Sales Director of National Accounts. Read More

IHRSA Celebrates Three Decades of Excellence in Industry Education
BOSTON, MA - IHRSA will celebrate its 30th Anniversary by continuing its tradition of offering the industry's most outstanding business educational and networking experience at its 30th Annual International Convention and Trade Show in San Francisco, March 16-19, 2011. Read More

Clubsource Announces New Partnership
SAN RAFAEL, CA - Jill Stevens Kinney, Founder and Managing Director of Clubsource Development Partners and Co-founder of the successful Club One chain of fitness clubs, announces her new partnership with Sandy Hoeffer, former Vice President of Western Athletic Clubs. Clubsource designs and develops high-end fitness and athletic clubs. Read More

The 2011 Industry Defense Campaign
Between now and June 30, 2011, the Public Policy Council must raise over $1 million to ensure that our industry has the financial resources necessary to protect clubs from dangerous legislation, while also positioning the industry at the forefront of health promotion and wellness policy. Read More

Norm's Notes for November 2010
By: Norm Cates

Norm CatesNorm CatesHello Everybody! This is your Club Insider Publisher and Tribal Leader Since 1993 checking in! Whoa boy am I glad to be writing this month's Norm's Notes, as this month marks the 18th Anniversary of the launch of Club Insider! Read More

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