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Ruth Stricker
The Legendary Creator of The Marsh

By: Norm Cates

Norm CatesNorm CatesRuth Stricker, at age 73, is a living legend in our industry and in the mind-body-spirit movement. She is a great contributor to the lives of all of her 182 employees and many people in her community, the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro area and across the country. Ruth Stricker is a very balanced human being who possesses a special gift. She has gifts as a teacher, sharer and person who deeply cares about others. Read More

The "Insider Speaks"
A Tribute to Tim Russert By Norm Cates, Jr. and a Lesson From Dr. John A. McDougall

By: Norm Cates

Norm CatesNorm CatesAmerica lost a really good man, Tim Russert, the long-time moderator of Meet the Press, on Friday morning, June 13, 2008. The cause of death was cholesterol plaque that ruptured in an artery, causing sudden coronary thrombosis, according to Russert's physician, Dr. Michael Newman. In addition to being the backbone and star of NBC's Sunday political talk show, Meet the Press, Tim Russert was an NBC Senior Vice President and Washington Bureau Chief. Read More

Membership Responsibilities Make The Difference
By: Ray Gordon

Ray GordonRay GordonI believe each club has something unique and special that can stimulate the interest of a non-exerciser. This message has to be packaged and very cost efficiently conveyed to the local market to create new members. These new members only represent true growth when they are successful in achieving their goal of a healthy lifestyle. Read More

Driving Growth and Profit
By: Will Phillips

Will PhillipsWill PhillipsSales have been spotty the first half of 2008, as reported by over 100 clubs who participate in REX Roundtables. Some clubs are up in net membership, many are flat and lots are down. Interestingly, many of the flat and down clubs are showing increases in profits. Read More

Re-package, Re-brand and Re-launch? Or Do We Need To Dig Deeper?
By: Ed Tock

Ed TockEd TockQuality is the number one reason people will support your brand and be loyal. In our industry, it is the quality of the relationship that the member has with the club and its staff that will affect their loyalty. Leading consumer-products companies are investing to revitalize their products and their brand packaging sooner than ever, and with more frequency. Read More

Sustaining Independent Value
Part 3 in a Series of 3 on Building Value In Independent Clubs

By: Jeffrey Keller

Jeffrey KellerJeffrey KellerSustaining something can often be much more difficult than actually getting there. Just ask any Olympic Gold Medalist. Once you're at the top, staying there is really tough. But, when it comes to sustaining value, an independent health club really shouldn't have that tough of a time. Read More

Make Your Club the Centerpiece of the Community
By: Bonnie Patrick Mattalian

Bonnie Patrick MattalianBonnie Patrick MattalianDuring any economic downturn, or when there are pricing wars going on, the clubs that will thrive are those that have become a mainstay in the community. They are the types of places that members say they couldn't LIVE without, no matter what else is going on in their lives. Do your members say that about your club? Read More

Supersizing Your Membership Market Share
By: Andrea Sobotka

Andrea SobotkaAndrea SobotkaBetween the current state of the nation's physical health, and today's questionable economy, it is now more important than ever to find ways to reach the portion of your marketplace that falls beyond the typical "fitness membership prospect pool", according to IHRSA statistics. The keys to success are creativity, a social consciousness, strong leadership and, of course, perseverance. Read More

Symmetrical Fitness
By: Dr. Jack Scammahorn

Dr. Jack ScammahornDr. Jack ScammahornIn our first article, The Hidden Agenda, we portrayed what all too often happens in commercial fitness centers: The guest or client is toured around a beautiful, well equipped fitness center. During the tour the sales associate establishes a positive relationship with the guest and at the same time, establishes why the guest is looking at joining this club. Read More

Programming Tip of the Month
The Program Director!

By: Sandy Coffman

Sandy CoffmanSandy CoffmanATTENTION!!! Summertime goes by very quickly, and although it is often considered a downtime in our business, the best clubs get busy preparing for the beginning of the programming calendar, September 1st, every year. It is time for you to be on top of your game and have your staff in tip top shape. Read More

Gym Members Hire Own Lawyer to Fight Settlement
Several members of a class-action lawsuit against Knoxville health and fitness club Court South have retained their own attorney because they are unhappy with a proposed settlement agreement that recentely received preliminary approval. Scott and Cassie Powell are among six members who hired attorney Thomas Leveille and plan to object to the agreement that they said is far from the $10-a-month membership fee they each were paying. Read More

Fitness Business News Suspends Publication
Club Insider recently received word that Fitness Business News, a 14-month running health/fitness industry publication produced by United Publications, Inc, had ceased publication. United Publications, Inc. produces five other industry specific newspapers as well as three conferences. Read More

Marketing Trends Positive at Susan K. Bailey Advertising
usan K. Bailey Advertising, marketing specialist to the fitness club industry is pleased to welcome MaryBeth Bradley as a new member of its expanding marketing team. With over 23 years of experience in the club industry, Bradley is a former general manager of several clubs ranging from smaller fitness-only operations to large multisport facilities in the Colorado, California and Boston areas. Read More

International Fitness Acquires Edmonton-based Fitness Club Chain Club Fit
GREENWICH, CT - International Fitness Holdings, Inc. ("World Health Club"), a leading fitness club operator in Alberta and a portfolio company of North Castle Partners, announced today that it has acquired the assets of Club Fit, Inc. an operator of 5 fitness clubs in the city of Edmonton. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed. Read More

The Thoreau Club/Camp Thoreau Receives Prestigious Massachusetts Family Business Award
CONCORD, MA - The Thoreau Club/Camp Thoreau, Inc., a third generation, family-owned business based in Concord, MA, announced that it has won the prestigious 2008 Marshall Paisner Massachusetts Family Business of the Year Award. The Thoreau Club was one of three Massachusetts-based companies recognized for its achievements in the community and business success. The awards ceremony was held at the Royal Sonesta Hotel in Cambridge on May 8th and included businesses from across the state. Read More

Cholesterol Drugs Recommended for Some 8-Year Olds
CHICAGO (AP) - For the first time, an influential doctor's group is recommending that some children as young as 8 be given cholesterol-fighting drugs to ward off future heart problems. It is the strongest guidance ever given on the issue by the American Academy of Pediatrics, which released its new guidelines Monday. The Academy also recommends low-fat milk for 1-year olds and wider cholesterol testing. Read More

Norm's Notes for July 2008
By: Norm Cates

Norm CatesNorm CatesHello everybody! This is your Club Insider Publisher Since 1993 checking in! Read on and get the latest industry news and a perspective on many industry happenings and issues that no other publication will address! Thank you for reading Club Insider! Read More

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