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Club Fit
40+ Years of Health and Fitness Evolution

By: Justin Cates

Justin CatesJustin CatesThe task of business is a complicated one. The number of moving parts can seem infinite. We plan for everything possible, but it never works out completely to plan. Simplistically, some keys to long-term success include: Always learning from your mistakes, as well as the successes of others. Populating the business with a team of trusted and capable staff members who buy into the company's mission and values. And, doing everything ethically possible to build a customer base that loves, trusts and values your brand. Embedded within those tasks are thousands of sub-tasks that exponentially complicate things. Read More

Six Ways Data Analytics Will Change the Health Club Industry
By: Mario Bravomalo

Mario BravomaloMario BravomaloData analytics, and its myriad benefits, can positively affect every single health club regardless of size. This influx of data can be harnessed, analyzed and utilized to benefit both the health club and consumer in very meaningful ways. Health clubs today face the daunting task of trying to understand and engage the web-surfing, technology-using, sophisticated and well-educated consumer. Through proper use of analytics, club operators can predict (and be prepared to adjust to) the most current consumer trends. Data collection and interpretation will forever change club marketing and sales strategies. Club operators who understand and implement data strategies have the power to elevate their clubs to the next level and significantly outperform their competition. Read More

Document! Document! Document!
By: Melissa Knowles

Melissa KnowlesMelissa KnowlesIf I have one phrase I utter more often than any other while navigating our wonderful business of fitness, it may well be some variation of: "Is it documented?" I get it; no one wants to take the time to write it all out. It's time consuming, and you could actually be doing it rather than writing it down. But, here's the thing: it's absolutely key to your long-term growth and success that anything essential to your business' operations or health be in writing. To get you started on your adventure into the world of proper record keeping, here are three areas in your fitness business where I consider proper documentation to be of paramount importance... Read More

A Perfect Financing Combination
By: Paul Bosley

Paul BosleyPaul BosleyWhen an entrepreneur is first considering a new project, various financing options are usually considered and the most appropriate financing product is chosen. For example, an equipment lease is often chosen for financing new fitness equipment. Another example is when an entire new club is financed using a bank loan or an SBA 7(a) loan. It is very unusual when two financing products are complementary and can be selected to finance the same project. With the introduction of the SBA Express Loan, this is no longer the case when renovating or expanding an existing fitness center or when launching a new fitness center. An SBA Express Loan works very well with an equipment lease for financing a new project or an expansion. Read More

A Simple Approach to Membership Sales Training
By: Jim Thomas

Jim ThomasJim ThomasThe biggest mistake we see over and over with sales training is that it's done just every so often, every 30 days or longer. Gym owners get so busy putting out fires and handling operational issues that sales training gets pushed down the priority list until it becomes an emergency. Any sales training that is done is many times done in a half-day or full-day format and is typically not specific to the fitness industry. When done in this fashion, sales training is not the focal point of the sales team and becomes ineffective. Read More

Core Values
What Do They Mean to Your Staff?

By: Karen Woodard-Chavez

Karen Woodard-ChavezKaren Woodard-ChavezCore values; what do they mean to your staff? If they do not have meaning to your staff, then they are not being used as the powerful tools they could be. Core values are the values that your organization has defined as the elements that support the integrity, vision, mission and promise of your organization. Ideally, there are 3 - 5 core values (any more than that will be diluted and too difficult to remember, let alone deliver) that guide the actions and intentions of every single staff person and decision in your organization that point toward achieving your purpose. Sometimes, they are referred to as your "true north." Read More

Creation Vs. Evolution
The Religion of Programming

By: Bill McBride

Bill McBrideBill McBrideWe are facing disruption in our industry with increased segmentation and specialization. Our challenge as operators is to discern trends that have longevity with fads that will be a "flash in the pan." Studios and specialization are now everywhere! What should we do? Should we create a program or programs that attempt to compete directly with the studios with specialized offerings that are popular today? When it comes to trends and programming, this is the fundamental question we operators are asking ourselves... or need to be. Do we CREATE completely new programs to follow trends (and possibly fads), or do we stay fresh on our current traditional offering while EVOLVING with elements of efficacy from new technologies and consumer-adopted preferences? Read More

Internet Middlemen and the Fitness Industry
Bonus Article: ClassPass

By: Stephen Tharrett

Stephen TharrettStephen TharrettClassPass has a dual brand promise. The first is the consumer promise built around offering incredible convenience, the flexibility to work out at a host of great studios or clubs and do so at below market pricing. The second is the promise promoted to club and studio owners (partners) that involve increased brand presence and brand recognition, increased consumer traffic, potential to garner high quality regular clients, incremental revenue growth, and finally, professional development for studio leadership. So, let's take a look at how well ClassPass delivers on its promises to consumers and studios. Read More

Programming For The "Fun Of It!"
Step 4 of 7 to Becoming a Programming Professional

By: Laurie Cingle

Laurie CingleLaurie CingleA programming professional is a person who is an expert at the skills required to implement and fill programs. What does it take to become a programming professional in your facility? There are seven steps or skills: (1) Find program prospects, (2) Invite them to learn about and understand your program, (3) Present the program, (4) Follow up with program prospects, (5) Enroll them in the program, (6) Ensure success in the program and (7) Grow programs by promoting events and additional programs. Let's discuss Step #4, Follow Up with Program Prospects who did not enroll after attending a live presentation about the program. Read More

A Wellness Device Driving Club's Prospects and Revenue
Imagine a device that is simple to use, appeals to a huge segment of the market that is interested in health (not just fitness), immediately drives ancillary revenue and produces referrals without having to ask. You don't have to imagine it, because it's here. It's an FDA approved, Level-1 medical device that improves general blood circulation. Read More

National Federation of Personal Trainers Offers Cancer Recovery Specialist Course
LAFAYETTE, IN - The National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFPT) has partnered with Recovery Fitness to create and produce the Cancer Recovery Specialist Course. This specialty course is aimed at equipping personal fitness trainers with the skills and tools it takes to effectively help a cancer survivor maintain their quality of life without putting them at risk of injury. Read More

Norm's Notes for May 2016
By: Norm Cates

Norm CatesNorm CatesHello Everybody! This is your Club Insider Publisher and Tribal Leader checking in! Happy Spring to you all! Read More

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