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Sumit Seth is the Co-Founder of Naamly, the member experience platform designed for modern training gyms. Sumit is a strong believer in the power of human connections and had successfully built one of the fastest growing and largest staffing firms by focusing on creating long-term relationships. He exited the venture to focus on his health, reconnect with family and found solace in fitness which led him to start Naamly. Naamly helps fitness studios impact more lives in their communities by building deeper member relationships to drive business success.

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The Most Important Requirement for Re-Opening
July 2020 - Re-opening a gym during a global pandemic seems to be even more difficult than opening a gym the first time you started your business. This is primarily because of this truly being unprecedented, a new territory for all of us. None of the uncertainty that we face today has ever been successfully overcome by any other, with the result being there is no seminar or cookbook that lists out the secret recipe one needs to follow to come out triumphant on the other side. What we do have, are plenty of varying opinions and advice for what to do tactically as you open your gym. The one thing that is universal in all said information is also the one that has stood the test of time and has really never wavered: TRUST! Read Article...

The Proven, Five Prong Client Experience Strategy That Wows Members Every Time
October 2021 - "People everywhere are just completing tasks to move onto the next to-do item. They're going through the motions. They're reading scripts. There's no ownership." That's how a flourishing, multi-location gym owner recently described the state of the client experience in the fitness industry. Sadly, his evaluation is truer than we'd like it to be. Read Article...

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