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Double Conversion Rates With This One Technique
August 2020 - When something obviously works, that doesn't always mean it's easy. Take, for example, exercise... we know it obviously works, but it still takes a lot of effort. The same is true with LEAD CONVERSIONS: reaching leads faster obviously works better, but it takes a great deal of operational efficiency and effort. Research conducted with more than 20 companies clearly showed that leads that were called within the first minute have more than a 231% increased conversion rate over those leads called just 60 seconds later. The study, conducted by Velocify - The Ultimate Contact Strategy, clearly showed that, with each minute that passes, the conversion rate drops dramatically. Read Article...

Retention Starts With Brand Loyalty
November 2018 - Over the last 30 years, the industry retention rates have remained relatively the same, and many of the factors related to retention will never change. People worldwide have consistently shown that there are periods in their lives where exercise has less importance... times of illness, moving, job changes, birth of children, career, etc. Now, there's a small percentage of individuals who, if the planet was going to be destroyed by a meteor in the next 24 hours, would still schedule a quick workout. But, for the majority of people, they will begin a period of on and off exercise for the majority of their life. Knowing that our members will come and go at different times in their lives, it's important that we build brand loyalty. When that time in their life comes, and they are ready to start exercising again, we need to become their go-to brand. Read Article...

Six Ways Data Analytics Will Change the Health Club Industry
May 2016 - Data analytics, and its myriad benefits, can positively affect every single health club regardless of size. This influx of data can be harnessed, analyzed and utilized to benefit both the health club and consumer in very meaningful ways. Health clubs today face the daunting task of trying to understand and engage the web-surfing, technology-using, sophisticated and well-educated consumer. Through proper use of analytics, club operators can predict (and be prepared to adjust to) the most current consumer trends. Data collection and interpretation will forever change club marketing and sales strategies. Club operators who understand and implement data strategies have the power to elevate their clubs to the next level and significantly outperform their competition. Read Article...

Social Media CAN Drive Revenue. But How?
Turn Facebook Into an Online Lead Box

February 2012 - Social media is changing our world. The adoption rate of users to Facebook was the fastest of any product in history. Facebook has done a remarkable job of connecting people. The concept of community is core to Facebook, as well as our clubs. But for most, it is still a mystery as to how social media communities can immediately and directly affect the bottom line and drive business for clubs. Read Article...

Why So Many Clubs Are Doing 12-Week Fitness Challenges
October 2018 - 12-week fitness challenges have been around for over a decade and have proven to yield incredible results. If your club's goal is to increase revenue, and at the same time, help members become fit and healthy, then your club should be doing fitness challenges. The KPIs are clear that, year after year, fitness challenges stimulate membership growth, referrals, personal training sales, and retention, not to mention the incredible buzz of excitement fitness challenges create during January for the staff and the members. There are quite a few details and operational procedures that can make running a challenge a challenge. Utilize the following list on how to get the fitness challenge started in your club... Read Article...

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