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After graduating from the Wharton School of Business, Joe spent the first 15 years of his career in Corporate America, leading marketing teams around the world in market expansion activities. In 2007, he left to start Exakt Marketing's parent company with co-founder Derek Lee. At Exakt, he leads the fitness marketing practice team that delivers the group's three-phase intensive lead generation program dubbed "Kinesis" to bolster sales and marketing efforts geared toward energizing the lead generation and membership sales activities for health clubs. Additionally, he consults with health clubs across the country on everything from online lead generation to membership sales training.

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Drunk Under a Table
a/k/a Content People Want to Share

September 2014 - Like most things, Facebook can be used for both good and evil! Well, the other day, when I woke after a late night of drin... I mean sophisticated conversation over a great bottle of wine with friends, I immediately panicked when I found that I had 59 Facebook notifications! There it was (names have been changed to protect the innocent!). Read Article...

Energize Member Sales and Retention With a Money Back Guarantee
December 2014 - Two weeks ago, my "new customer promo rate" with my home Cable and Internet service with my current provider was coming to an end and my bill was set to increase by $60 per month. Yes, the same service for a higher price. Obviously I wasn't having that. Read Article...

Feel Like Adding Video Content Is Too Hard?
Think Value, Not Viral - Part I

February 2015 - 800,218,212. That's the number of times the YouTube video sensation Charlie Bit My Finger had been watched when I looked it up. For the heck of it, I went back ten minutes later only to find that it had been watched a whopping 406 more times. Ten minutes! Read Article...

Feel Like Adding Video Content Is Too Hard?
Think Value, Not Viral - Part II

March 2015 - In Part I of this 2-part series, we hit on several important points: 1. The key to implementing a successful video content strategy is getting started! 2. Focus on creating value, and the rest will come! Too many people focus on "viral" vs. "value." 3. The point of Instructional videos (the 1st of the four types) is to instruct someone on how to do something, a BIG opportunity for health clubs. In Part II, I'll cover the other three video types: Informational, Entertaining and Sales. Read Article...

Make This One Simple Change And Watch Your Gym Memberships Explode
May 2015 - For some health clubs, paid trial memberships seem like a no-brainer. Give people a low-cost taste of your product that goes beyond a complimentary workout in the hopes of their committing to a longer term membership when it ends. But, is your paid trial membership really helping to generate additional leads and full memberships at your gym, health club or athletic club? Maybe not! If your club meets any of the following criteria, it's quite possible that a paid trial membership is simply prolonging the buying process! Read Article...

The Secret Member Retention Tool That The Big Gym Chains Don't Want You To Know
November 2014 - Member retention: The ultimate challenge for club operators today, and it seems, forever. There is no doubt that retaining members is critical to your gym's success. A deeper look into the economics paints the picture. Recently, I had to deliver the unfortunate news to one of our new gym clients that the first 30 members that they had signed up for the month didn't even count. Translation: $10,000+ per year in lost dues caused by attrition! Read Article...

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