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How Donna Krech's Near Death Diagnosis Became The Wealth of Wellness System
January 2020 - This month's amazing Cover Story is being presented to you for one purpose, and that purpose is to save lives. Pure and simple, to save lives. It's my belief that, should the reading of this article result in even one of our readers pursuing the ideas contained herein, and saving just one life, then this Cover Story will have accomplished our goal. This Cover Story is composed of two parts. Part I was written by Donna Krech, our long-time friend and Club Insider Advertiser and Contributing Author. Be sure to see Donna's Wealth of Wellness Ad on Page #11 of this edition. Part II was written and is presented to you by yours truly via transcription of a telephone interview I had with Donna about her amazing near-death experience. You will see some overlap and between both parts, but I urge you to read on. Read Article...

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