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Daron Allen is the President and CEO of Visual Fitness Planner (VFP). VFP is committed to education and motivation for the advancement of health and fitness.

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Align Technology Solutions With Your Clubs' Strengths and Avoid Technology Missteps
October 2015 - Technology is everywhere. It is advancing at an incredibly rapid pace... and it is only getting faster! There is a very interesting paradox about technology. Great technology is dramatically enhancing the world we live in and the health clubs we run. Poor technology, or the wrong technology choice, also has the ability to disrupt our lives and create detrimental "noise" in our clubs. Read Article...

An Open Letter To The Health Club Industry
April 2006 - Read Article...

Double Dip Recession? Another Great Depression?
Economic Chaos... Meltdown of the Economy... What Should We Do?

August 2011 - The economic news continues to draw a negative picture for the United States, our economic future and the world as a whole. What does that mean for our industry? How does the health and fitness industry fit into this picture? Read Article...

How Many Steps To Success Were Skipped In Your Organization Today?
September 2012 - If you don't know how many steps were skipped today, you are fighting a losing battle. Albert Einstein is commonly credited with the quote, "Compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe." While he may not have actually said this, one thing is certain, the incredible power of compound interest. Read Article...

Increase Revenue With Data Your Club Already Has
August 2016 - So, your health club has a great location and that means success, right? Not always... Location is key when measuring demographics; however, health club operators are doing their business a great injustice by not looking at their customers as individuals. Measuring the population solely by demographics usually does not work over a long period of time. Read Article...

It's Time For A Different Approach
September 2015 - Monthly sales quotas have been around longer than the fitness industry itself. Managers continue to set sales quotas for their membership sales and personal training department?s. Over? ?time, ?these quotas become far reaching, and more often than not, unattainable, de-motivating ?goals. Read Article...

The Fitness Industry Undergoes Seismic Shifts... Again
November 2017 - Times, they are a changin'. With the maturity of the high-volume, low-price (HV/LP) model and the explosion of boutique fitness, established clubs are seeing same-store sales become flat. Clubs are starting to see the volume of consumers who flock to the low-price membership options begin to decrease, creating significant concern around this business model. After running the HV/LP model, clubs are left asking themselves, "Where have all my best customers gone?" Read Article...

The Fitness Industry's Game Changer
October 2017 - I believe Team Training is the most game-changing concept to come along in the fitness industry in 20 years. Why such a game changer? For the first time, clubs are now able to offer true fitness to the masses. The industry has always managed with really just two product offerings: an entry level membership (hope you understand exercise and nutrition well enough to get results) or expensive one-on-one personal training. A classic case of the haves and have-nots: if you don't have the financial resources to afford one-on-one personal training, more likely than not, you'll never get the fitness results you are hoping for. But, if you're lucky enough to be well-off financially, then the privilege of fitness can be yours. Read Article...

The Secret to Increasing Average Price Per Member
December 2017 - With all good secrets, there's a story. This story starts with how did we get here; how did the average price of a membership get so low? The introduction of the high-volume, low-price (HV/LP) business model created an immediate short-term surge for the industry. The attractiveness of the low-price offering was designed to bring in the untapped masses of the unfit population. If we could just get to the 90% of people who don't exercise with this low-price offering, there would be plenty of revenue to offset the decrease in average price per member, right? Read Article...

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