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Andy Graham, Founder of NEXT Fitness, searches for and provides innovative equipment and services designed to take advantage of emerging trends in the fitness industry. Over a 24-year career, he's represented some of our industry's major companies, including Cybex and FreeMotion.

Phone: (678) 315 - 2590

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A Snapshot of the Health and Fitness Industry
July 2012 - Adapt or die. We all know and understand this Darwinian principle, "It's not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change." Of course, what Darwin meant for the evolution of species, we commonly apply to other areas of our life and business, and this particular case, the commercial fitness industry. Read Article...

Can You Share 2 or 3 of Your Greatest Success Stories With Me?
(And, I'll share a secret with you!)

September 2012 - Confession: I was not overflowing with honesty this past week. I spoke with several friends who are also club owners, and I completely misled them. But, it was for a good cause. Read Article...

Health and Fitness? Or, Fitness Only?
September 2013 - When I originally committed to a new article for Club Insider, my first inclination was to focus on what I feel is an incredibly missed opportunity in most fitness centers: Nutrition. Real nutrition, not a post-workout smoothie with Twinkie-esque levels of sugar or protein bars whose ingredients would make any chemist proud. But, instead, teaching those within our circle of influence what it means to move away from the processed foods that we have become so addicted to, and back to the wholefoods dining table of our grandparents... Read Article...

Why Your Health Club Should Be Run More Like A Dojo
May 2012 - Why your health club should be run more like a dojo... or, "I'll rest when the IHRSA statistic of '2-4% of members' represents the percentage of members not working with a coach/trainer." I'm positioning the conclusion of this article at the very beginning so I have your full attention. Read Article...

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