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Visual Fitness Planner

What We Do - Visual Fitness Planner (VFP) creates customized sales and member engagement systems that enable health clubs to dramatically improve sales processes, lead and customer relations and leverage statistical data to run more profitable and efficient health clubs. VFP's suite of technology modules transforms lead capture, sales presentation, lead nurturing and long-term member engagement. Eliminate the chaos at the Front Desk, lost lead data, inconsistent club tours and give your brand an upscale, state of the art, "Apple-like customer experience." Put dynamic, customer-centric sales tools in the hands of your Personal Training Sales Team using our proprietary visualization and Health Age technology.

How We Do It - First, we evaluate your current manual sales systems, make suggested modifications, then merge our technology with your newly modified system. Put our 150 years of combined health club experience and our ever-evolving technology to work! Put one or all aspects of the VFP+ Digital Suite to work today!

The End Result - VFPnext assesses interactions throughout the entire sales process and member lifecycle ensuring your revenue reaches its maximum potential. Additionally, VFPnext can put a wealth of statistical information to work for you to improve commercial corporate relationships and sales opportunities.

Since 1999, VFP has grown to serve over 1,600 clubs by building the best sales systems in the industry.

Phone: (877) 837 - 1212
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Visual Fitness Planner

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