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Our Mission: Inspiring People to Move - MOSSA has a long history of inspiring millions of people to MOVE. Through the years, our business has touched every part of the fitness industry. This company has its roots in successful health club ownership during the 1970s and '80s, and we were the originators of The Step fitness craze in the '90s. Today, we are the leading developer of professional group fitness programs for health clubs and fitness centers.

MOSSA has the most comprehensive and thorough program development process in the fitness industry. Over 300 hours are poured into each and every workout to ensure participants' enjoyment and success. This includes an unsurpassed, methodical testing phase that consists of 150 test classes for just one workout. The testing phase of program development guarantees the programming of music and exercise is motivational, safe and effective. The MOSSA Program Development Team partners with SAIFAM, our exclusive music supplier, which customizes and engineers songs to ensure MOSSA workouts motivate participants with the highest quality musical experience available.

MOSSA offers 11 professional group fitness programs for health clubs: Group Active, Group Blast, Group Centergy, Group Core, Group Fight, Group Groove, Group Power, Group Ride, R30, 3D30 and MOVE30.

Phone: (800) 729 - 7837
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