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E Pluribus Unum

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Derek BartonDerek Barton

I always smile when our "Tribal Leader" and Club Insider Publisher Norm Cates states in his monthly column, "Is America a great country, or what?" I love Norm's passion for his country and the health and fitness club industry!

America IS great, but sometimes, the politics of our nation doesn't always paint a pretty picture. The canvas of our democracy always seems to be painted with two opposing colors, Red and Blue. We have been nicknamed, "The Divided States of America." In a recent poll, the majority of Americans do feel we are divided.

That got me to thinking about the motto that our congress adopted in 1776, E Pluribus Unum. There have been a few translations, such as, "From Many, One" or "Out of Many, One," and also, "Many united into one," but they all have the same essential meaning: We are strongest when we act as one, with the interest of the nation being first and foremost.

Bottom line, the message is clear from our Founding Fathers over 300 years ago: United we stand, divided we fall. Not only does this hold true for our country but also for businesses and organizations throughout our nation. You can't have a successful business if there is no unity between the President, the Board and the Staff, all united for the benefit of the company.

My motto in business has always been, "Always do what's best for the brand!" That was my mantra when I was the head of marketing for Gold's Gym, and it continues today with my own clients. You can never go wrong by asking yourself in every business situation, "Is this the right thing to do? Will this move the brand forward?"

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