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Are You Asking Your Sales Managers The Right Questions To Grow Sales?

Part I

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Gary PolicGary Polic

We all know the statement, "You get what you put up with in management," is a true statement. Therefore, I wanted to share a few questions to ask your Sales Manager on a consistent basis. In Part I, I will share Questions 1 - 10. Next, month, in Part II, I will complete the list with Questions 11 - 20. These questions will alert your Sales Manager to what's most important in achieving their team's sales goals:

  1. 1. Do you know your salespeople's "Super Why?" People buy-in emotionally, not logically. Find out your people's "Super Why." Why do they go to work at your club? Do they want to pay off debt, buy a new home or car? Then, do the simple math. Start with the additional sales they will need to write to earn the additional dollars per month. It works! And, guess what? They will fight for their Super Why!
  2. 2. Are you mentoring your salespeople? Daily Leading By Example. Seeing is believing! Are you performing the tasks you expect your people to do on a day-to-day basis? Perfect example is represented by George Sikkink, the General Manager for the Highpoint Sports & Wellness Club, an elite Wellbridge property. Here is what George lives by: "If I expect my people to do it; I must do it first and often, myself!"
  3. 3. Are you managing in a Firm, Friendly and Fair way? Firm = Manage Objectively. It is your people and you (as their leader) against the numbers. Friendly = Thank People For Their Day. Ask them how their families are. Fair = Catch Everyone Doing Something Right. Different strokes for different folks. Treat people the way they want to be treated.
  4. 4. Are you truly developing your salespeople's skill level? The only way to develop skill level is to shadow a "live" presentation. Your people shadow you "live" networking/prospecting inside and outside the club; on the phones scheduling appointments; on a tour presenting and closing a sale. Then, you shadow your people "live."
  5. 5. Are you holding your salespeople accountable to the company standards? "You get what you put up with in management." You are letting your people down if you "the leader" settles for Mr. Nice Guy and mediocrity. It does not pay the bills and does not build winners and winning teams! If there are no consequences, then they are not standards but a simple wish list.
  6. 6. Do you measure and reward activity as much as a sale? "What gets measured, gets done" And, "Measure the activity, and the production will take care of itself." Leads, Calls Made, Appointments, Shows, Sales. They are all equally important.
  7. 7. Are you applying true leadership? The definition of Leadership by Vince Lombardi is the ability to inspire others to follow. You do this by not accepting negative attitudes or chit chat and gossip. A positive mindset philosophy of the glass half full is the sales department modus operandi. Are you creating a FUN and energetic environment? Are you having your one-on-ones weekly and team meetings daily? Increase lines of communication!
  8. 8. Are you providing your people with the proper lists and scripts to call? Make sure data entry and lists are inspected daily. It is all about your lists! Write up script docs and roleplay. Can you pull a list from your CRM of all your trials in the club this month?
  9. 9. Do you pull out your CRM Reporting each day to coach down stats? Again, what gets measured, gets done. Metrics and standards must be part of each day's conversation. What solutions are being applied for the day for each down stat?
  10. 10. Are you creating a WINNING-MINDSET? Are you winning? W = What's; I = Important; N = Now. Is what you are doing now singlehandedly the most important thing you need to do to WIN THE DAY? Ask your people this question several times per day until you catch them doing something right.

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