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Paula Neubert and Club Greenwood

Truly Creating a Sense of Belonging

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If you are reading this, I have to assume you make your living in the health and fitness club industry. Well, what is a club? Simply defined, a club is an association or organization dedicated to a particular interest or activity. For our industry, that interest or activity is health and fitness. And, in this year of years, that is more important than ever!

At Club Greenwood in Greenwood Village, Colorado, the word "Club" is purposefully front and center, and everything revolves around creating that cohesion of interest, and thus, a sense of belonging. As Paula Neubert, President/General Manager of Club Greenwood, said of the name change to create this effect, "It was one of the best decisions we have made. It further simplified our name and encompassed everything we do versus just being an athletic facility."

As you will read in this Cover Story, and why it is in the title itself, creating a sense of belonging is the core principle of Club Greenwood and its Key Marketing Differentiator. And, that is coming from a club that truly has it all in terms of its offerings! As we all experienced during lockdown in the early months of 2020, we thirsted for human connection. It was torture to be away from friends, family, team members and customers. Today, we are nowhere near back to normal. We are working towards it, though, and during this time, creating and/or rebuilding that sense of belonging will be crucial to survival and future success.

Before we move along to an in-depth interview with Paula Neubert, Club Insider again wants to apologize to and thank Paula for her flexibility as this cover story had to be delayed two months in a row, from August to October, because of breaking news and subsequent cover stories addressing that news during those months.

Without any further delay, I invite you to read on as Club Insider interviews Paula Neubert, President/General Manager of Club Greenwood.

An Interview With Paula Neubert, President/General Manager of Club Greenwood

Club Insider (C.I.) - Where were you born? Where did you grow up?
Paula Neubert (PN) - I was born in Lincoln Nebraska, and I grew up in Fremont, Nebraska, a small town, just north of Lincoln.

Paula NeubertPaula Neubert

C.I. - Where did you go to school, and what did you study? Did you play any sports?
PN - I went to school at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, so I am a die-hard cornhusker fan, born and raised. I earned a degree in Exercise Science from the University of Nebraska. I was a four-sport athlete in high school (basketball, softball, track and field and volleyball), and I played softball for the University of Nebraska. We won the Big Eight Championship back when the Huskers were still part of the Big Eight, and we almost won a National Championship in my freshman year. We got beat by UCLA in the ninth inning of the College World Series.

C.I. - When and how did you get involved in the health and fitness club industry?
PN - While I was in college, I decided to stop playing softball and get a job. It was time for me to focus on school and some new things. So, of course, the very first thing I decided to do was start teaching. Now, it is called Group Fitness, but back then, it was Aerobics. So, I became an Aerobics instructor, and I got my free membership to the local health club. I had to learn how to teach, so that is how I got involved in the industry.

C.I. - Please take us through some of you career highlights prior to coming on board at Club Greenwood.
PN - When I was in college, I was dating my then-to-be husband who was drafted by the New York Jets. He moved to New York to play football, and I quit school to be with him. I continued teaching group fitness while in New York and later decided I needed to go back to school, so I went back to Nebraska and finished my degree. When his football career ended, we moved to California, and I got involved in the fitness industry there, which was so much bigger and broader. I was teaching at Martin Henry Fitness Studios and other little fitness studios across Southern California. I also taught for what was then Spectrum Clubs (now The Bay Club) and was the Office Manager for a personal training business. Shortly after moving to California, I was hired by Beach Cities Health District, and it was my first salaried full-time job. I ended up building and designing fitness facilities in the South Bay.

C.I. - When and how did you become involved with the Club Greenwood?
PN - We had three children while living in Southern Cal, and as they were getting older, we asked ourselves if we wanted to raise them in California. We didn't necessarily want to move back to the Midwest, so we tried to think of a very active and beautiful state. We ended up choosing Colorado, and we picked up and moved. When we moved to Colorado, I actually had the intention of staying home and raising the kids. That lasted for about two months, and I told my husband I have to go back to work (laughing).

At that time, I knew about Greenwood, from their reputation in the industry. I contacted them and said, "I'm looking for any position." I was given a full-time position as a Program Coordinator. That lasted about six months, and I was then hired as the General Manager.

C.I. - What a cool journey! That is a really great story.
PN - It has been fun, and it has definitely been a very adventurous and wonderful journey.

Club Greenwood

C.I. - A little bit later, we will of course talk about Club Greenwood today, but I know there is a lot to discuss related to the evolution of the club over time. So, please take us through a few of those key moments that you feel were important to the history of Club Greenwood.
PN - One of the big things was our rebranding to Club Greenwood. When I arrived 18 years ago, we were called Greenwood Athletic Club and Tennis Center. One of the very first things we did was change the name. It was long, and it made the Tennis Center sound like an afterthought. So, we changed it to Greenwood Athletic and Tennis Club. It at least brought both clubs together. That was the name for years before rebranding it to Club Greenwood in 2019. It was one of the best decisions we have made. It further simplified our name and encompassed everything we do versus just being an athletic facility.

Another important thing has been significant remodels over time. It was a big, beautiful facility when I got here, but it was getting old. We, of course, have continued to age. So, over the past 18 years, we have remodeled and added onto the club to stay fresh and remain the leader in the community.

One of the most significant remodels we did was in 2006 when we built a 24,000 square-foot outdoor pool area. It encompasses three pools and a cabana. This includes a 25-meter, six-lane outdoor pool that is open year-round in Colorado! We are absolutely the swimming Mecca in the Denver Metro area. Anybody who wants to swim comes to us, and it is purely because they can be outside in Colorado and swim any time of the year. It's snowing and is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. Once you get a little taste of swimming outdoors all year long, you will never swim indoors again (laughing). Our swimming community is enormous at our club, and we are proudly home to three of the last four years Masters State Champions in Colorado. They have a tan year-round!

We've added a thermal yoga studio, Barre studio, and two Pilates studios, because our program is so significant. That took over a huge addition that we did on the north side of the building. We also added on to our weight room on the south side of the building. Those have been some of the more significant changes that have happened over the years.

C.I. - Well, that's fantastic. Let's talk about the tennis building. When did that get added? Related to that, how did the two buildings relate to each other on the overall campus? How do you manage the two building, address duplicate staff, etc.?
PN - The indoor tennis club was built in 1995, before my time here. We have two buildings on 13 acres. One of them is the main club, and one of them is the tennis club. They are run as completely separate buildings but under one company. So, for a membership, customers can have a membership to just the main club, or a membership to the tennis club, or a membership to both clubs. If it's a membership to both, there's a slight discount, and it's all under the Club Greenwood umbrella. All of our financials are under Club Greenwood.

The tennis club is a niche for us, something very different. We are the only full-structure indoor tennis facility west of the Mississippi. It has been an award-winning facility. We have seven indoor clay courts, which is a differentiator for us. It's definitely something that is unique. You can play tennis so much longer. It is easier on your joints and your bones, so we have members who are well into the 80s playing tennis because of those courts.

C.I. - That is great. If you could, please tell me the square footages of those two buildings you already mentioned being on 13-acre campus.
PN - Yes, we are on 13 acres. The main building is 101,000 square feet, and the tennis club is 52,000 square feet. So, whenever I submit our data, we post 153,000 square feet in total.

C.I. - Wow, that's a large place! Please tell us more about Club Greenwood today (amenities, services, programming, etc.).
PN - It is definitely big, and we are situated in a perfect community as well, which I know we will get to in a little bit.

Outdoors - In addition to our indoor tennis facility, we also have five outdoor tennis courts. Those are hard-surface courts that are at the main club. Members who are part of just the tennis club can play on the clay courts and also play on the outdoor courts. Our main club members can also use the outdoor courts.

We have four pools: a 25-meter eight-lane indoor lap pool; six-lane 25-meter outdoor lap pool, splash pool for the kiddos and an adult pool, which is just for our 18+ members.

Indoors - We have a basketball court, and we still have squash and racquetball. We are down to one racquetball court and one squash court, but we will keep both of them because we still have a group of players who love to play.

As mentioned, we do have a Thermal Yoga studio, and we trademarked Thermal Yoga. That studio has a heated floor and can heat up to 105 degrees and 55% humidity. It is an absolutely amazing studio. There is never any condensation on the mirrors or condensation on the walls because we heat up the mirrors ahead of time before putting the humidity into the space, so it keeps the mirrors from fogging up. It is an unbelievable system, and we had it engineered specifically for us.

As mentioned, we have a Barre studio and two Pilates studios. We have actually expanded our Pilates program four different times over 33 years because it just keeps growing, so we now have two separate studios. We also have a cycling studio where we offer Stages bikes and Stage Flight. It is a really productive and well-received program, especially here in Colorado. We have so many people who are cyclists outdoors, and they really want to know how hard they are working. So, with as many avid cyclists as we have, Stages was the best direction for us to go inside.

Weight Room - In 2011, we expanded our weight room to 9,700 square feet. It was something that I had looked at from the time that I got here in 2002 because it was dark with no natural light. We expanded, added some windows and popped out the sidewall to have some doors going in and out. It has made the entire space so much better. There's a lot of space, which has been really helpful during the COVID Pandemic.

We have free weight equipment, selectorized equipment and an area for functional training. From an equipment standpoint, we have not really picked one particular brand to use. We like picking the best pieces from different brands, so we have Life Fitness, Matrix, Technogym and quite a few other different companies and brands. We get our platforms from Eleiko. We absolutely love them! They are the best. We have tried different ones, and they are the ones that make the least amount of noise. We are seeing more Olympic lifting, and we wanted to make sure we could provide that in our weight room. Dropping weights can be loud and scare some of your members who are not familiar with that type of lifting. You do not have to put things in different areas if you have the right equipment, and thankfully, we have had vendors that have worked with us and provided us with the resources and tools necessary so that we could put it all in the same space.

Cardio - We have two cardio rooms, upper and lower. They are comprised of the same equipment, including Life Fitness, Precor, Stages, Star Trac, Technogym, Woodway, etc., so there is something for everyone on the floor. But, the atmosphere and the environment of each is very different. And, our members are very specific about which area they use. The upper cardiovascular area has much higher ceilings and no TVs. Everything is on individualized screens, so you can watch what you want. It is very quiet and more of a peaceful area. Downstairs, the feeling is a little bit livelier. It is closer to the weight room, so members who want to do some super sets between weights and cardio can do so. We also have public viewing TVs where the sound comes out over the TV. We have long-time members who like to read the paper, visit with their friends and watch the TV, so this area suits them. They are really completely different areas depending on what it is you want to do that particular day. And, our members really like having the choice.

Programming - We offer all of the personal training amenities that most clubs offer. For our small group personal training, we have Tribe Team Training, which we launched in January. We were just getting things going. It was going super well, and then, of course, the pandemic occurred. We restarted it again as we reopened, and it is ramping back up. We truly believe it is going to be an excellent program for us. We also have custom small group personal training programs that we offer ourselves; our trainers and group fitness instructors have designed them.

We offer bootcamp programs and have a martial arts and boxing studio that offers BJJ, JKD, Kali, kickboxing, boxing and more. I've mentioned Pilates and aquatics previously, but let me add that we have a swim team, a masters' swim team, lessons and a ton of kids programs.

We have a great summer camp program that just came to an end. Now, we are kicking off our School Days In camp program, which is something new and a trend that we are seeing across the country because of the way that schools are currently operating.

Many of our programs are kicking back into gear as we are feeling a little bit more comfortable putting more groups together. And, as you can see, we have a wide array of programs and services available to members regardless of age and regardless of fitness level. We provide something for everyone.

Other Services - We know what we do well, and we know what we do not do well. For the things that we do not do well, we bring somebody else in to do it, and one of those is food and beverage. We leave that to a local company that originated in Aspen called Ink Coffee, and they do all of our indoor and outdoor cabana food and beverage. We also lease space to our Pro Shop, Physical Therapy Clinic and Ethereal Day Spa. Doing this allows us to concentrate on the fitness portion while leaving other services to the people who do it much better than we can.

The interesting thing, though, is our members do not really notice a difference because of the partners we have chosen. Our tenants are truly our partners in the business. We want them to succeed; they want us to succeed. We have absolutely no problems with our relationship with them or communication. We work well together as one unit, and even though they are owned and operated by somebody other than us, they are our team. They have been our tenants for years and years.

C.I. - I'm sure this might have changed because of COVID, but was there anything in development then or is there anything in development now?
PN - As I mentioned, our Tribe Team Training kicked off in January, and that is ramping back up. We had also just opened up our Recovery Zone, which was gaining membership as a new revenue-generating area. The Recovery Zone includes HydroMassage, NormaTec Boots, True Stretch cages, Hyperice, and more. It is a beautiful area, and members have to use a key card to get in. Our members were loving it, and of course, we had to shut it down. We are slowly ramping back up, and people are slowly coming back. Again, I think it is going to be a really beneficial service to our club and will differentiate us from our competitors, because we are the only one, locally, that actually has a full recovery zone with all those different amenities.

The Membership

C.I. - Let's us talk about your market, your community and your membership. So, first, please take us through the demographics of your community, and then, how does that translate into your target member?
PN - Our average age is 47, and our biggest group is actually 18 and under, which is surprising for members. We have a big group of 18 and under because we serve a lot of families who are located in Greenwood Village and Cherry Hills Village. Those two cities have the highest income per capita in Colorado outside of Aspen. I don't know if our ownership group knew that when they built the club, but they built it in pretty much the best location imaginable.

Not only are we located in those neighborhoods, but we are right in the heart of the Denver Tech Center, which has become the work hub of the Denver area. So, during the work week, we have a huge population of thousands of people who work in the Tech Center and become members of our club. The Tech Center has developed around us, so I think we got a little bit lucky.

We have a very devoted and loyal membership that has been with us for a number of years. We were built on referrals without a doubt. For years, we did not spend a lot of money on marketing and promotion because it was our members wanting to refer the club to their friends and their family. This led to having like-minded people belonging to the club, and that creates an absolute sense of belonging.

We have had to market and promote a little bit more just based on the industry and how things have changed, but we are still absolutely built on referrals.

C.I. - That's fantastic! Does Club Greenwood charge an Initiation Fee? If so, how much is that?
PN - Yes, we always charge an initiation fee, and we do not discount. The lowest initiation fee that a member can pay is $250, up to $800, depending on what the member is joining. If it's an Associate Membership, which is our youngest membership, 18 to 27 single, it's $250. If it is a Family Tennis Membership, it's $800. The regular fee for just the main club is $350.

We are a high-end luxury club, and members know they are going to have to pay for that when they get here, but the experience we are able to deliver is all value-based. That is why we are the highest-priced in the area, and we have no problem being that because we know we can deliver on that promise. Even if somebody were to quit, they would still have to pay an initiation fee if they came back.

Now, they would be considered alumni, so they would be paying half of it, but they are still going to pay an initiation fee.

C.I. - Based on everything you have described about Club Greenwood so far, that makes sense. What are Club Greenwood's Membership Options, and what are the prices for those?
PN - As mentioned, we have an Associate Membership option at the main club, for 18- to 27-year-olds; our Young Professional Membership is 28 to 37; and 38 and above is our normal main club rates. So, it goes anywhere from an associate single paying $113 per month to a regular single member at $193 per month.

Our Tennis Club is actually a bit more expensive at $207 per month for a single, and that can go all the way up to $374 per month for a family tennis membership. There are many options given the age you are when you are joining; whether you are joining as a single, duo or a family; and if you are joining both clubs or just one of the clubs. Our average dues are $194 per month.

C.I. - Pre-COVID, how many membership accounts did Club Greenwood have? How many members did that translate to? How about now? PN - Billable memberships at the end of March was 3,566. Billable memberships at the end of July was 2,969. So, 597 fewer memberships from March to July. If you compare July of 2019 to July of 2020, we are actually down 784 memberships. That is about $2 million annually. It is definitely a lot of money, so it is hurting. As far as individual members before closing, we were around 8,000, and now, we are down to around 6,000. So, it has been a trying time for the past five or six months.

C.I. - Absolutely, as we all hope, may 2021 turnaround for everybody.
PN - Praying every day.

The Year 2030

C.I. - Something unique about Club Greenwood is that the club was sold to the local community years ago. Please explain that deal's structure. What's the current status, and when does it turn over to the town?
PN - We have always had an ownership group. They were partners in a limited partnership with the majority ownership being the Madden family (not of football fame): John, who is a developer; his wife, Marjorie, who has passed; and their children, J, Scott and Cynthia. John is a very well-known businessman in Colorado and owns a number of buildings and businesses, especially in Greenwood Village.

The club is a passion of his, and it has always been a very successful part of his portfolio. He is 91 now, but back in 2005, he asked himself, 'How do I ensure the club is going to be here for me, my family, my kids, my grandkids, my great grand-kids for years and years to come?' John and J (Managing Partner and my immediate boss) worked with the Greenwood Village Mayor on a plan to turn the club into a special district. In Colorado, special districts can be created to do different things, hence, the creation of the Greenwood Athletic Club Metropolitan District. The owners sold the club to the Metropolitan District in exchange for revenue bonds. A caveat to forming the special district was to create a time, years to come, where the club would turn over to the City of Greenwood Village. In 2030, the City of Greenwood Village will gain ownership. And, this will actually become the most profitable entity for the City of Greenwood Village. Now, the tricky thing will be: How will they run it?

C.I. - Yes, that was my next question.
PN - If they allow us to run it the way we have been running it for years, it will continue to be a very profitable entity for them. It just depends on what they choose to do. But, in all the conversations that I have had with them, they've said, 'We do not want to run a club. We are going to continue to contract with you as a management company to run the club the way you have been running it for years and years.' We do not want anybody to even know that the ownership has changed hands, but we will have to see what happens when the year 2030 comes along. It is a really unique situation.

The Key Market Differentiator

Club Insider (C.I.) - Paula, we have talked about so much already, and I am so glad I have gotten to learn about Club Greenwood. If you can boil it all down, what do you say truly defines Club Greenwood in your community and in the industry?
Paula Neubert (PN) - We talked about the amenities and everything we do, but if I really, truly was going to define what makes us different, it is a sense of belonging. And, that is part of the reason that we rebranded to make sure the very first thing in our name was Club. Because, if you look up the word 'club' in the dictionary, it is a place where like-minded people belong and gather. That truly is the definition of who we are. It is probably the one thing that our members are missing more than anything because of the restrictions on our capacities and the physical distancing.

You can use a treadmill anywhere. You can buy a treadmill and put it in your basement, or you can go to any single facility and get on a treadmill. Our treadmills are no different than the treadmill that you will find down the street or might find in somebody's home. But, what makes Club Greenwood different is absolutely the social component of belonging to this family. It is our reputation in the community. It is a reputation of who we have become over 33 years and a want and a need for a person in our community to say, 'I want to belong to that.' It really is what makes us different, it makes us unique, and it's why people seek us out.

We know that there are like-minded folks who belong to our club, and who we are and who we serve is well known in our community. The networking that happens at Club Greenwood is truly amazing, whether it is work-related or whether it is personal. The things that people share with one another here is in a family sense. And, when I walk by a closing room, and I introduce myself to a new member, I always say, 'Welcome to our Greenwood family.' Because, we really are a family.

C.I. - I love it. That is beautifully said. That is what it is all about, right there.
PN - It really is. As a side note, Justin, I will tell you that our members who are a little bit older and have not been able to come back into the club because they either are scared; or their doctors told them they cannot; or they may live in a senior living facility that would not allow them to because they do not want to bring something back, are very sad. They call us regularly. They cry on the phone. They miss everything. It is not the fitness. I would love to say we have the best fitness around because I think that we have an unbelievable group of fitness professionals who provide the best, but it is not the fitness. That is not what makes us so different. It is the sense of belonging.

The two members I am thinking about right now are people who have lost their husbands in the last five years, and we have become so much more for them. They are depressed. They are upset. They cannot come in because their doctors have told them they cannot. It is absolutely hurting them not being here. I just cry when I talk to them. Our Assistant General Manager, Barbara Lubbers, will talk to them and say, 'Oh, my gosh, I just had the nicest conversation, but they are so upset.'

We have actually created a program, for lack of a better term, called Pen Pals, where we call them just to check in. Many clubs have done this. We call to check on them and to figure out what we can do to make them feel better because they miss the club so much.

C.I. - Everything you just said is the absolute proof of that sense of belonging. That is the human proof of it. And, beyond the loss of life, the saddest part of this entire pandemic has been that emotional toll on the most vulnerable of our population. It is so sad.
PN - Yes, absolutely.

Lessons From the Pandemic

C.I. Paula, you have been kind enough to contribute to our previous stories on club responses and teachings during the COVID-19 pandemic. Can you please provide an update of how things are going now?
PN - Yes, one thing that has changed since I last submitted information is that we have been able to go to 50% capacity in every single room. We are still on a reservation system, but our members have the reservation system down! It does not even faze them anymore.

I think the biggest change that has happened is the mask mandate, even while you are exercising. That put a little bit of damper on things for a while. Our check-ins were averaging about 55% of our normal check-ins, and we started getting into the 60% when the Governor issued an Executive Order requiring masks be worn at all times even while exercising. We dropped down to about 49% for a few days, and I think people were just mad. We went right back up to 50 - 55%, and it is just taking some getting used to. When we are talking to members we say, 'Do you want us to be open? If you want us to be open, wear your mask.' It is really that simple. People are getting used to it, though and are complying. The folks who were coming in are still coming in. The ones we are working on now is the other group and how to get them back into the club.

We update and promote the fact that we have had 83,000 visits with one one reported case of COVID-19 in our membership base (a tennis member). Thankfully, due to our restrictions and regulations, no further spread of the virus occurred. We also report the MXM metrics data that 'out of 49.4 million visits to 2,877 locations, 1,155 cases have been reported, a 42,731 to 1 visits ratio or a .002% occurrence rate.' The data and statistics are amazing, and of course, IHRSA has reported not one spread in the entire state of Colorado among fitness facilities! So, as an industry in Colorado, we are doing an amazing job, and our members are doing a great job.

We still have the restrictions; we still have safety measure in place. Now, it is about figuring out how to get people to give it a try. Every day, we are trying to talk them into just coming in and taking a walk through the club. We teach them to use the app to make reservations, or we can even do it for them. It is hard, but it is okay. And, every day, we get a compliment from somebody, 'Thank you for everything you guys have done. Thank you for continuing to do everything you can to keep us safe. Thank you for helping us get back into the club.' All you need to carry on is knowing that your membership is happy with what you are trying to do, and they recognize the hard work that we as a company have done during the closure and since we have opened. Never before have compliments ever felt as good as they do right now, that is for sure.

C.I. - That is very inspiring! I hope your comments help anyone out there who is going through a tough time as they have re-opened or are waiting to finally re-open. What are some of the lessons you can offer other large, multisport clubs as we continue to battle the COVID-19 Pandemic?
PN - Be flexible. Be patient. Plan for the future because there will be a future. It may look a little bit different, but there is no reason to stop planning. As a special district, we have to file a 2021 budget by October 10th, so we are in the planning phase. It is going to be a little bit different, but we are going to have to work our way through it.

I think the thing that has made the biggest difference over the last few weeks is that we formed the Colorado Fitness Coalition. If your state does not already have an alliance or a coalition, form one. If you already have one, make sure you join it. We currently have 30 different brands and 170 different locations represented in Colorado. It is a big help because you need one strong voice at the state level. IHRSA does a great job, but they simply cannot address each State's specific restrictions, mandates, etc. As much as they want to, they just simply cannot. They do not have the funds and the resources to be able to do that.

We need conversations at the State level, and IHRSA will help us as much as they possibly can. Being united with other fitness facilities gives you strength in discussions with the Governor, State Senators and Representatives and the local Health Department. That is what you need, and they need to know that you are working together with them, not against to them. That is the big difference.

C.I. - I can't help but think of the ramifications for that post-COVID in terms of future lobbying efforts related to all the different things we have talked about and advocated for as an industry. And, eventually, if another pandemic does occur, and keep in mind obesity is a pandemic, all the states will know health clubs are part of the solution and not the problem!
PN - Absolutely. You said it right, Justin. That is absolutely the message that we need to get across, and it is long overdue. It is unfortunate that something like this had to happen in order for so many states to form them. But, we have, and that is the difference that is going to ensure our future success for many years to come regardless of whatever the next big crisis is. We will be ready and better prepared next time!

IHRSA's 2020 Woman Leader Award

C.I. - Speaking of IHRSA, Paula, congratulations on being the recipient of IHRSA's 2020 Woman Leader Award in honor of Julie Main. She was so kind and inspiring, and through my experiences with you, I can see why you are so deserving of this award. What does this award/recognition mean to you?
PN - It was a huge honor, and it was a surprise. I appreciate it very much. I got to meet Julie early on in my career, and she truly was inspirational, motivational and set the stage for so many women. When I look back at past winners, I am just pleased and honored to even be in the same sentence with them. They have done so much. When you look at each of them individually, what they have done in their community, what they have done in their personal lives and what they have done in their businesses, it really is exceptional. I hope to do the best I can to make sure women in our industry are being well represented, professionally and personally, and try to keep our legacy moving forward.

C.I. - Congratulations, Paula. Thank you for your service to this industry. And, thank you for your time today and the opportunity to share your incredible story and that of Club Greenwood!
PN - Justin, thank you so much. Thank you for sharing the Club Greenwood journey. It has been great talking to you.

• • •

Thank you to Paula Neubert for her time and willingness to share her story and the story of Club Greenwood. And, thank you again for the flexibility as some delays occurred in the sharing of those stories. Finally, thank you to Tiffany Levine for her assistance with photos and graphics.

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