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Norm's Notes for October 2018

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Norm CatesNorm Cates

Hello Everybody! This is your Club Insider Publisher and Tribal Leader Since 1993 checking in with our 298th printed monthly edition since we began publishing in 1993! Yahoo!!! We're close to hitting the Big 300, and we welcome you all to help us celebrate this milestone. Drop by and help us Celebrate our 25th Anniversary and our upcoming 300th edition at Booth #411 at The Club Industry Show! And, be sure to drop by JENNIFER URMSTON's Sports and Fitness Insurance Booth #400 and MIKE BENTON's GENAVIX Booth #2.

Is America a GREAT Country, or what? I hope you ALL are registered to vote in our Mid-Term Elections on November 6, 2018 and that you will be sure to get out and vote for your candidates of choice. I URGE you to VOTE on November 6, 2018! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

My son, JUSTIN, and I want to express our very sincere concern and condolences to all of you folks in North Carolina and the other states where Hurricanes Florence and Michael destroyed a great deal of property and many lives. Sadly, for us personally, Mexico Beach, Florida, a place where my Brother GATOR DAVE, my family and I have spent many fun times during the last 40 years, was completely devastated. Before it was leveled, the small town had a population of around 1,200, and it was a very quaint, relaxing and popular place with people like us who had discovered it. Now, that it's been virtually flattened, as have a lot of areas in the Panama City and Panama City Beach, Florida, Bay Country area, it looks like it will be a long time before the region can and will be rebuilt. The destruction was extensive and awful, but fortunately, at this point, there have been less than 25 deaths reported in Florida, although that will provide little solace and zero feeling of relief to the families of those who've been lost in the Panhandle region of Northwest Florida. And, we can't forget those lost because of Hurricane Florence. May God Bless all those killed, injured and otherwise negatively impacted by both of these awful storms.

■Folks, I want to encourage you to support our Club Insider Advertisers as much as you can. In case you don't think about it, our advertisers are here to draw your attention and to attempt to earn your business. So, please reach out to them and mention you saw their ad in Club Insider. They're great companies, and they'll treat you right. Moreover, they'll be the primary reason you are able to receive Club Insider each month. Without our advertisers, we wouldn't make it, even though we've made it for 25 years now. We also appreciate your subscription business, but that small volume of subscriptions will not support our expenses without strong advertising support. So, how about supporting both? And, Stay Tuned!

Page #3 this month contains two obituary articles chronicling the passing of two legendary club developers/owner/operators, DONAHUE WILDMAN and RON THOMPSON, both of whom passed away in the past month. While I did not have the pleasure of personally meeting Wildman or Thompson, I do know about their amazing history in our industry. Both obituary articles have comments from people who knew them, and I want to say Thanks and express my Appreciation to RAY WILSON, CECIL SPEARMAN, BILL HUBNER and KEVIN STEELE for their comments about these two industry giants who've left us. MAY DONAHUE WILDMAN and RON THOMPSON REST IN PEACE.

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