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The Fitness Industry's Game Changer

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Daron AllenDaron Allen

I believe Team Training is the most game-changing concept to come along in the fitness industry in 20 years.

Why such a game changer? For the first time, clubs are now able to offer true fitness to the masses.

The industry has always managed with really just two product offerings: an entry level membership (hope you understand exercise and nutrition well enough to get results) or expensive one-on-one personal training.

A classic case of the haves and have-nots: if you don't have the financial resources to afford one-on-one personal training, more likely than not, you'll never get the fitness results you are hoping for. But, if you're lucky enough to be well-off financially, then the privilege of fitness can be yours.

The numbers in the industry have always borne this out: less than 20% of members get involved in personal training, and this plays a significant role in the industry's poor retention rate. In fact, most clubs' overall PT penetration rate is less than 5% on an annualized basis.

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