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Norm's Notes for September 2018

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Norm CatesNorm Cates

Hello Everybody! This is your Club Insider Publisher and Tribal Leader Since 1993 checking in! Folks, it's great to be with you today as we bring you our 297th monthly edition of Club Insider!

Is America a great country, or what? Hmm... hmm... hmm! It's even greater when football season has arrived! YAHOO!!! My eyes are nearly crossed as I write this on Labor Day after having watched eight college football games since last Thursday!

I'm sad to again have to inform you of a loss in our club industry family, but I must. And, unfortunately, this Note is not just about the loss of one of our industry friends but also the personal loss of one of my best friends. On August 20th, I got a phone call from LINDA "MURPHY" McDONALD, the wife of a very good and long-time friend of mine here in Atlanta, a really special guy named MATT McDONALD. She was calling to tell me that Matt had passed away that morning. So, here I sat on the morning of August 20th at 11:41 AM when Murphy called with the news of the loss of my friend of 45 years. To say that was terribly upsetting would be an understatement. Later on, the SAME DAY, I got an email from my good friend, RICK CARO, giving me a heads up about the passing of a mutual friend of ours and the industry, John S. Wineman, Jr. He passed away on August 19th after a long battle with Alzheimer's. So, on the same day, I found out that two good friends had passed away. If that's never happened to you, I hope it NEVER does! In this edition, we've published John S. Wineman, Jr.'s obituary on Page #3 because he was very instrumental to our industry's development a long time ago. And, we've augmented his obituary with comments from some of John's industry friends: BOB FITZGERALD, his former partner since 1973; RICK CARO, JOHN McCARTHY and CHUCK LEVE. May JOHN S. WINEMAN, JR. and MATT McDONALD both Rest in Peace.

We want to congratulate CHRIS RONDEAU and his Team at Planet Fitness as they celebrate 25 Years of Fitness this year! This month's Cover Story on Planet Fitness contains interviews with CHRIS RONDEAU, CEO of Planet Fitness, as well as three of his key Planet Fitness Teammates: McCALL GOSSELIN, CANDACE COUTURE and CRAIG MILLER. This report is all about what these folks have done and are doing to make Planet Fitness very intensely competitive in every marketplace they hit, and in turn, making the health and fitness club industry, as a whole, a more attractive and healthier business in which to invest. Check out this story because it shares a lot of information you've probably not seen before, and unless I'm mistaken, there's a lot there that will help all club owners who read it, beginning on Page #3.

■Check out the GENAVIX Ad on Page #19 and contact them to learn how you might get involved with this special company that is bridging the health and fitness club/health care divide (you can also learn more from our September 2017 Cover Story on GENAVIX). And, GENAVIX will be at Booth #2 during the 2018 Club Industry Show in Chicago, so be sure to visit them to learn even more.

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