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Thanks and Appreciation to Bill Higgs As He Retires After 35 Years of Service at Shula's Athletic Club

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  • (L to R) Bill Higgs, Daughter Jenna, Wife Linda and Son Bradley at Bill's Retirement Party, August 9, 2017
  • Reception at Shula's Athletic Club
  • Sitting Area and Cardio Floor at Shula's Athletic Club
  • THRIVE Program Training Floor
  • (L to R) Yohn Diaz, Director of Operations; Bill Higgs, GM; and Annette Prior-Perez, Fitness Director
  • Outdoor Tennis Courts at Shula's Athletic Club
  • Indoor Courts at Shula's Athletic Club
  • The Spa at Shula's Athletic Club

Bill Higgs, 66, has set a high standard for health and fitness club General Managers everywhere to learn from and apply to their own careers. The lessons this man has learned over his 35-year career as GM of Shula's Athletic Club in Miami Lakes, Florida, are numerous, and Bill has shared some of them with you here in this special Club Insider Cover Story, which is being published in honor of Bill Higgs and his retirement. The lessons he's learned and experiences he's had don't just apply to being a manager of a club business; they're lessons that, if applied to your life, will help you succeed in all of your endeavors. In short, Bill Higgs' story is a tale of 35 years of success that was caused by his dedication, his hard work, his flexibility and his consistency, to name just a few of the positive traits that Bill has applied to his career.

I'm not sure this author can come up with a better way to express our sincere Thanks and Appreciation for his dedication and hard work in our industry, and then sharing it with all of us in the club world, than to echo the words of weekend NBC Nightly News Reporter, Jose Dias-Ballart, who consistently closes his weekend news shows with these special words: "Thanks for the privilege of your time." So, Bill, thanks for the privilege of your time.

This edition of Club Insider is our 284th monthly edition. Just like every one of our Club Insider Cover Stories, this one is special, and I want to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to Bill Higgs for dedicating his entire adult working life to our great industry. Bill retired from Shula's Athletic Club in Miami Lakes, Florida on August 9, 2017, and on that date, he was honored at Shula's Athletic Club with a grand Retirement Party.

Without further ado, let's proceed with this in-depth interview with Bill Higgs, General Manager of Shula's Athletic Club.

Bill Higgs Shares 35 Years at Shula's Athletic Club

Club Insider (C.I.) - Bill, please tell us about your education and background prior to being hired at Shula's. Also, how did you prepare yourself for such a prominent role in our industry as General Manager of Shula's Athletic Club?
Bill Higgs (BH) - I graduated from the University of Florida, and I then earned my Master's Degree in Parks and Recreation from the University of Indiana. Going back to when you and I got into this industry, there really weren't too many people who were skilled or trained professionally for what we were doing. I just loved working out and was about 15 when I first started. I also loved playing sports. I started working at European Health Spas back in the day, which gave me some background in sales and training. So, when this new club opened up, I was probably one of the few around who even had that much experience as far as our industry goes.

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