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National Federation of Professional Trainers Partners With MS Fitness Challenge to Offer New MS Fitness Training Course

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LAFAYETTE, IN - The National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFPT) has partnered with MS Fitness Challenge to create and produce the MS Fitness Essentials course. This course is an essentials concepts course which focuses on the fundamental needs and modifications that must be understood and implemented when working with clients who have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Using the correct training protocol for safe exercise with MS clients is crucial to injury prevention and comfort with the training program.

More than 200 cases of MS diagnosis are reported each week in the United States alone. As a personal trainer, it is important to know that training with MS is unlike working out as a "healthy" person. So, trainers must be educated and experienced in assisting someone with MS to have a positive workout experience that does not induce symptoms or discourage them from continuing. Clients with MS will each have individual specific symptoms, and from day to day, these may change; therefore, they must be assessed and addressed during every workout.

This course goes into depth regarding the three keys to fitness with MS. Each of the three keys to fitness with MS must be adhered to, implemented and discussed before each workout: mental fitness, physical fitness and nutrition. These components are like those with any client. However, with the MS client, there are factors for each that must be taken into consideration before each workout to assure that each has not been affected in a way that will alter results or cause discomfort or injury. Each of these components work together to conquer the symptoms of MS, in or out of the gym.

Angie PattengaleAngie Pattengale

Angie Pattengale, NFPT's Certification Director, says, "It is becoming more known and understood that exercise with MS is extremely beneficial for one's physical and mental wellbeing. Unfortunately, there has not been a focus in this area for how personal trainers can best combat MS symptoms in a safe and effective way. Now that we have partnered with David Lyons and the MS Fitness Challenge, who are experts in this field of study and training, we are confident in our ability to deliver this education and actual exercise programming to personal trainers, giving them the ability and confidence to work with MS clients."

MS Fitness Essentials is an online distance learning course that can be completed in your own time from within the NFPT online account portal. The course is attainable and affordable, at a cost of $129. Upon completion of this course, you receive a Certificate of Completion. Also, Certified Personal Trainers (CPTs) receive Continuing Education Credits (CECs) that go towards the recertification of their CPT credential. NFPT-CPTs receive 2.0 CECs for course completion, other certification credit awards vary by organization. NFPT offers a CEC guarantee for this course, meaning that it can be submitted to any personal trainer certification organization for credits, and you will receive CECs (or, if you don't, then you receive your money back on the course). There is no reason, no excuse and nothing stopping new learning! With this course, you will learn how to work with MS clients.

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