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Social Media Isn't Going Away,

But You Can Get In Front of It!

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Sam JohnsonSam Johnson

As the Founder and CEO of GoalPostPro, I asked Norm Cates if I could write an article to follow up an excellent article by Paul R. Bedard, Esquire, which was published in the April Edition of Club Insider. So, here goes:

Last month, in Club Insider, Paul R. Bedard, Esquire, wrote an article on social media covering the legal elements of a defamation claim and how to address defamatory issues on social media reviews. Social media isn't going away, and Paul stated that, "truthful assertions and mere opinions do not give rise to a viable defamation claim." The real problem results from posts you cannot control on social media platforms designed to generate those very posts.

For example, Yelp was literally built to generate reviews to help businesses. Unfortunately, poor reviews come along as part of the package. Nine times out of ten, the best way to handle a poor review is to provide the truth of what occurred. Most people do understand a logical argument when an owner or manager states the facts in a respectful manner. Taking the high road is key in these situations.

Facebook was created for more generalized "sharing." Facebook doesn't offer the same exposure as Yelp does; if someone posts a negative story or picture on your page, you can take it down immediately. However, Facebook wasn't built from the ground up to help health clubs increase business through reviews.

In any case, both Yelp and Facebook are here to stay. Every heath club should deal with negative posts on either platform with a response, not a reaction. That being said, there is a new social media solution to help you get in front of the inevitable grumpy, angry client: GoalPostPro.

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