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The health and fitness club industry is one in which its participants have the opportunity to create great businesses that help people, provide employment for the owners and chosen staff members, and in general, are true assets to any community anywhere.

But, a key factor holding back some potential health and fitness club owners/operators is the lack of experience in the club business they would like to be involved with. It's been argued that a new club owner/operator, any individual without experience in the health and fitness club business, has set a very high bar to clear should they decide to take the capital they have available, lease a space, design, build, equip and open a health club. In fact, they are kind of playing what we might call here: Business Russian Roulette.

The missing ingredient, experience in our industry, is a key and critically important ingredient, and it's one that, should they proceed without, makes the chances of success small. Unless they find help that fills that gap, they may be fighting a seriously uphill battle from day one. Without qualified help, their potential for success is low. So, today, we will be talking about getting that help, and I'm talking about very highly qualified and experienced help before one takes that plunge and dives headfirst into the health and fitness club industry and finds out that the pool is nothing but concrete.

This Cover Story is about Workout Anytime, an organization that was created after the principals of the company, Steve Strickland and John Quattrocchi (more commonly referred to and called "John Q." by all), decided to take their 9-location Workout Anytime group of Atlanta-area clubs into the world of franchising. Together, Strickland and John Q. created an organization that, from the viewpoint of this 43-year health and fitness club business veteran, is admirable and trustworthy. In 2015, to lead Workout Anytime's future growth plans, Mark de Gorter joined the team. Combined, the three principals of Workout Anytime, Steve, John and Mark have a total of over 100 years of health and fitness club experience that they readily and regularly share with the owners/operators of their 150+ Workout Anytime locations in 19 States.

Take this to the Bank Folks!

Certainly, at this juncture, I believe it's important and appropriate that I point out to you, our readers whom we hold in the highest esteem, should you be in the category of someone who's in the hunt for an excellent health club franchise company, when making your contacts while doing your research don't forget that, in addition to Workout Anytime, Club Insider also has two of the other leading club franchising organizations in the world as long-time and dedicated advertisers. They are Planet Fitness, whose full-page ad appears every month on Page #2, and Crunch Fitness, whose full-page ad is on Page #5 every month.

With these three terrific companies as our ONLY advertisers from the club franchising sector, this author rests well every night knowing that you folks who're going the club franchise route simply cannot go wrong should you research and choose to become a franchisee with Planet Fitness, (See our January, 2008 and May, 2012 Cover Stories), Crunch Fitness (See our July, 2014 Cover Story), or Workout Anytime, whom we've placed squarely in the spotlight this month.

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