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Technology Validates the Term "Exercise IS Medicine"

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Mike AlpertMike Alpert

It would be hard to deny the important role that technology plays in the business world today, and our industry is no exception. One challenge can be the number of choices we have to consider, from club operating systems that manage billing and member management to mobile and web apps that give members the ability to purchase products and services or to book classes, view videos, reserve courts and many other functions beneficial to a club, such as digital marketing, hiring a service provider and running robust camps and tennis operations.

The problem is member-facing software apps are generally solving only one or two problems, making it necessary for a club to use multiple apps in order to meet their members’ needs. This makes it very confusing and time consuming for the member when all they want is something that is simple and efficient to navigate through.

An app should not be looked upon as an additional expense, but rather, the value and convenience it gives your members and the new sources of revenue and net income it can drive. That is the core behind Smart Health Club’s All-in-One Member Engagement Software Solution.

Thriving and not simply surviving in the health and fitness club industry today is very different than it was just two years ago. Back then, it was membership sales and non-dues revenue from the basics: personal training, Pilates, swimming and tennis lessons, as well as seasonal camps. Although these non-dues revenue sources are critical and will continue to be so in the future, there are new forms of community, corporate, and health and wellbeing revenues available to our industry today.

Many businesses are faced with the challenge of acquiring and retaining quality staff and controlling labor costs at the same time. If we take a close look at healthcare, we see a surge in telehealth in order for physicians to be able to manage their patient loads in a cost-efficient way. Patients are speaking with Physician Assistant and Nurse Practitioners for minor symptoms. The demand by the consumer for the digital delivery of wellness and fitness solutions is opening the door for health clubs.

Smart Health Clubs and GENAVIX have joined together to create a technology platform and member app to monetize fitness services with local and virtual health and wellbeing services over telehealth. Our new joint business model (HealthyCARE®) offers the virtual delivery of fitness services using your staff in conjunction with virtual and local healthcare professionals to target the emerging at-home employee and wellness market. You no longer need to hire staff or pay up front licensing fees for technology, programing or content to enter these lucrative markets: Your success is our success!

Your branded app will expand your revenues through direct pay or through health care reimbursement with managed outcomes. HealthyCARE® is a HIPAA-compliant technology and business solution that allows your employees and healthcare professionals to safely build integrated care teams for each member/client and post medical patient with local and virtual Healthcare organizations.

The HealthyCARE® platform offers anyone within the fitness industry the ability to enter this large and emerging market to use existing or to create new health and wellbeing programs and content. Clubs and even studios will be able to offer face-to-face and virtual programs and services while teaming with healthcare professionals locally and nationally. Members, non-members, employees and patients will be able to seamlessly enroll to select programs or build a team of fitness and medical professionals that work in conjunction under the same or different physical locations using our HIPPA-compliant Fitness and Telehealth platform. Integrated exercise and educational programs, in concert with licensed nutrition counseling, behavior modification, stress management and the early detection of health risks are offered to deliver lifestyle intervention through direct pay or health insurance reimbursement. All services and programs are tracked and measured by our platform to validate the impact of the delivery of Lifestyle Care on both community and employer populations.

This will be an exciting opportunity for the health and fitness club industry and will help insure that our industry is absolutely deemed necessary and part of the healthcare continuum moving forward.

We have known that Exercise IS Medicine for a long time. However, it’s time to measure and publish our work through measured outcomes! You can now support your members with local and virtual fitness services, bookings and digital marketing on the Smart Health Club’s App, and with one click on the HealthyCARE® tile box, enter a HIPPA-compliant world that supports post medical recovery, the early detection and remediation of elevated health risks, measured improvement on obesity, the reduction or elimination of medications for both Type 2 diabetes and Hypertension, all while offering a national community and corporate wellness offerings using your branded customer facing mobile App!

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