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Two Simple Ways to Consistently Build Sales

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Karen Woodard-ChavezKaren Woodard-Chavez

Your Members Don’t Know About It

So often, our referral promos and sales fall short of our expectations. Why, why, why you cry; it is more than likely because of two elements: 1. Not the right reward/recognition or 2. Your members do not know about it. This quick tip will focus on the latter of the two.

We falsely believe that “all the members” know about our promo. I beg to differ. If you want to maximize your referral sales, then have each of the sales staff call, speak with, connect with five different members each day about the promo. For a five-day work week, that would mean that each salesperson would have connected with 110 Members. If you have 3 - 5 sales staff, that is 330 - 550 members who now know about your promotion. This will take discipline, managing and about 20 minutes per day per salesperson.

If only 5% of those members acted upon the promo and referred a friend to join, that would be an additional 27 memberships in the month. They will not act if they do not know and are not invited to participate.

The conversation might sound something like this on the phone: “Hi there, Bob, this is Karen, your Member Advocate at The _______ Club. I am glad we are able to speak because I want to discuss a program we have to reduce your dues by $10 - $30 per month. Here is how it works...”

Or, if you are leaving a message: “Hi there, Bob, this is Karen, your Member Advocate at The _______ Club. I want to discuss a program we have to reduce your dues by $10 - $30 per month. I want you to be able participate in this program, so please call me by Wednesday. You can reach me at...”

Or, when you are doing your SBWA on the floor: “Hi Bob, how is your workout going today? ... Bob, I think you may not be aware of the program we have to reduce your dues by $10 - $30 per month because I have not seen you participate in it. Are you aware of it? ... I did not think so; let me tell you how it works, and then, you can tell me if you want to be a part of it.”

Avoid the mistake of relying solely on your social media, email blasts and signage in the club. GET OUT and TALK to members; then, you will see a spike in your numbers.

Dedicated Anniversary Weekends

Every month, you have an anniversary to celebrate... the anniversary of the members who joined your club a year ago, of course! We know that, but what do we actually do much about it? We ask them to renew if they are in a 12-month agreement; that is another topic for discussion. The point here is we should be celebrating their anniversary of the previous year and our excitement about them being with us in the future. By doing, so we can accomplish Member Management (terrific retention and relationship building) as well as generate guest traffic on specific weekends. We do this by dedicating the second weekend each month as “Anniversary Weekend.”

Timing is critical on this; I will explain why in a moment. During the first few days of the month, you will send a “Happy Anniversary” email to all members who joined a year ago this month. In it, you will wish them a happy anniversary, thank them for being with us and let them know we are excited to continue to serve their health and fitness needs as they change.

You will then offer a complimentary fitness assessment and invite them to a dedication weekend for all anniversary members where there will be a reception after the 10AM class on Saturday and Sunday. Additionally, you will let them know that, on this weekend, we will host their guests for them at no charge, BUT we need to have RSVPs so we know how many people to prepare for during the reception.

The reception, by the way, is not fancy. It may simply be a Mimosa toast for them and their guests and some yummy dark chocolate with a genuine and heartfelt thank you for their trusting us with their health and fitness endeavors. The dedicated weekend is simply having a banner in the club for “Anniversary Weekend,” having all staff and class instructors inquire and recognize all anniversary members with a round of applause, and of course, the gathering of Anniversary Members and Guests for the toast.

As promised, the timing... It is important to do this early enough in the month that we can contact members to invite them, as well as be able to capitalize on follow-up with any guests who did not join during dedication weekend. That is why the second weekend of the month is important.

How simple is this? My gosh, sooooooo simple! But, think about the results. Depending on your club size, if you sold 35 - 150 memberships this time last year, and you still have 80 % remaining as members each month, you would have a nice little celebration that provides recognition and retention. Invite each of those members to bring guests for the dedication weekend, and you can create a nice little flow of traffic that can turn into consistent referral sales. What guest would not be impressed by a club that takes the time to recognize and thank their members for being part of the club with a simple little touching toast? What guest would not want to be a part of that?

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