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About, an 88-year-old factory direct supplier of vending machines based in Des Moines, Iowa, is pleased to introduce the Fitness Merchandiser. The Fitness Merchandiser is helping gyms and fitness facilities nationwide increase their income by dispensing fitness products and workout supplies, as well as healthy snacks and beverages.

The Fitness Refreshment Center and the optional 12 Compartment Locker are ideal for selling pre- and post-workout supplements, beverages, towels, gloves, earbuds, mats and other fitness items to members 24/7 without any overhead costs. Placing the Fitness Merchandiser in your gym is a great way to make these items convenient for your members, while increasing your profit.

"The machine has brought with it an increase in profit and it also looks really great in our center," said Zach Glover of Ultimate Fitness. "The cashless part of the machine has definitely grown in popularity with many of my clients using their cards and even their phones as sources of payment."

For more information on how your fitness center can earn extra income with the Fitness Merchandiser or to find out more about, contact Todd Hittenmiller at (515) 271 - 8388 or visit

Phone: (515) 271 - 8388

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