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USA Racquetball's desire is to work together and to partner with club/facility owners, managers and employees, to create win-wins: increased profitability for your businesses and preservation of resources you offer that are vital to the survival of court sports, both indoors and outdoors. It really comes down to this: Handball and Racquetball (and others) need you, and it wants to do its part to support you. What can it be doing to increase court play, in multiple variations, to justify court retention?

To state the obvious, during this unprecedented time of lockdowns and limitations, the threat to the fitness industry, including court sports, has never been greater. Court closures, sometimes presented as "repurposing," are occurring at many locations. But, while some estimates are predicting as much as a 50% cancellation in fitness memberships, court sports players, long known to be loyal members, will return in droves when they can be safely welcomed back.

After all, and especially when the weather keeps players inside for too many months of the year, courts are vital to keeping players doing what they love to do: compete, stay fit and socialize.

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USA Racquetball

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