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Our Mission

As a professional fitness organization, it is our intention to qualify personal fitness trainers through a legally defensible assessment of knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) that legitimizes and solidifies the Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) title and achievement.

As an agency that offers a professional and accredited certification program, we will continue to establish and promote quality standards for fitness professionals, and encourage ongoing professional development through recertification requirements. NFPT supports industry efforts that further public and government respect, trust and confidence in the fitness training certification industry.

Mission Statement

Lead the personal training industry with the highest levels of integrity and honor to provide fitness trainers with the educational tools and resources needed to develop and enhance performance skills for the safe and effective training of apparently healthy individuals.

Our objectives:

To ensure an accredited and trustworthy credential with a legally defensible certification assessment;

To provide a foundational, comprehensive, and applicable education;

To provide an affordable, convenient and attainable certification process;

To offer a well-respected and industry recognized Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) credential;

To deliver certified member benefits that enhance personal trainer knowledge, outreach, and career development;

To facilitate and encourage continuing education and specialty training for improved trainer proficiency.

Phone: (800) 729 - 6378

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